My Medicine Path

My apprenticeship to the medicine path began in 2013, with many guides, teachers and mentors along the way. Learning to work with the seasons and cycles of nature, to connect between dreams, astral states and ancestral memory. For 5 years I shared a weekly women’s circle, and then hosted larger gatherings through Soul Seed Gathering. Each step of the way I’ve listen to call, without knowing where this was all heading.

For most of this path, I did not claim the title of Medicine Woman or Shaman, because of the respect I have for those roles. I knew these were not roles that you chose, but that choose you (however trendy they’ve become). The responsibility of walking between worlds, between life and death, to those depths, and being of service in this way, is not to be messed with.

Then, in 2020, pregnant with my second son I experienced 2months of intense earache where no remedy (herbal or allopathic) would work. Finally, with very little sleep I asked the Universe – God – Sprit in desperation one night what I should do.

Immediately, and undeniably, Ayahuasca came through and asked me to plant her in my garden, to start micro dosing her during this pregnancy and to start holding 1:1 ceremonies for others.

The next day a friend reached out, and expressed that for some reason she felt she was meant to gift me her Ayahuasca vine. Initially, I felt profound resistance- I had previously judged people who were not from the original indigenous lineage of Ayahuasca, who served Her medicine – this was a first major ego death to accept.

As I surrendered to this path, all the pain in my ear disappeared. As soon as I resisted again the pain came back. This path became unavoidable, and therefore, I knew this was the truest thing for me to do.

It was at first challenging to fully embrace and accept this path but ultimately, my first night alone with Ayahuasca felt so incredibly familiar and grounding. I realised, I’d been working with her spirit all along and, I actually felt the most ‘sober’ and grounded I’d felt my entire life the more I drank of Her. That first night alone I made a fire and didn’t realize, until the morning, that the howler monkeys were in the trees above watching the entire night.

With Her I have felt the full permission to be myself and to hold space in the most natural way that comes through me.

Today, I rarely need to directly drink the medicine, as she works with me and through our sessions with such power, with a beautiful motherly presence and love. The light to allow all shadows to arise and disperse. Old karmas and wounds can be met and surrendered to the Earth. Vision, purpose and ancestral memory can open up. What is blocking and stuck in our path releases for the natural flow of life to move with us.

We work with song, drum, guided meditation, often the holy fire, the sacred river on this land and ultimately, with joy and a sense of peace is always felt by every client I’ve had the honor of holding space for. In person or remotely.

We step into the ceremonial space ready to be open to the experience unfolding. To realize magic and spirit is real, and is part of you and, your life already.

Thank you for visiting my space.


The Beginning – Channelled Voices

After a month and half of ear pain, jaw and back-of-head discomfort, I finally surrendered.

I allowed what had been wanting to come through for well over a year and possibly much longer – channelled voices, ancient song, guidance and deepening into ceremony.

Moments when channelled voices wanted to come through with full force, began a year ago. First in temazcal (sweat lodge), then peyote ceremony and more recently, in a herbal steam tent. I pushed them back down out of fear of what they were, ‘being too much’ for others in the space, and not feeling it was my place to take over.

As I started to allow these voices, that sound so familiar, yet, other-worldly, ancestral and deep, my pain subsided and my jaw relaxed. This itself is a miracle because I’ve had TMJ or discomfort with my jaw since aged 16. After trying every healing modality, and emotional and trauma release – the relief came immediately, fully and completely, simply with channelling.

Then the messages, guidance, vision and dream world arose to full volume and clarity, and there was no denying what was being asked of me now – to guide deep healing ceremony with Ayahuasca.

I was shown to microdose with Her early in pregnancy (a practice that is normal for many indigenous women). Then through this channelling – where to plant Her, how and where to build ceremonial space on our land, and how to guide ceremony.

The next day, with immediate ease I was gifted Her vine by a friend along with the Chacruna seeds – that combine to make the brew – and the dream and vision grounded fully to reality.

My mind, and ‘rational’ self has felt full resistance, and a deep wailing no. Yet, there is a sense I have no real choice and that my life will get difficult if I resist.

Up until this point, I had developed a strong judgement to non-indigenous led ceremony. I had witnessed the abuse, distortion, superficial ways ceremony can be carried out by Westerners and also inauthentic indigenous shaman, looking more for power or profit, over real healing.

I’ve felt for a long time that the word ‘Shaman’, ‘Healer’ or ‘Medicine Wo/man’ gets thrown around too easily, and claimed by many who have no deeper understanding of what those roles truly entail. The ability to stand between the void between life and death requires a level of deep work, inner house cleaning and responsibility – not to be taken lightly. It may look like deep sacrifice to our modern minds, and one that not many are truly willing to make.

Much like a cosmic joke – I was now getting the very clear guidance that this was now my path.

My 8 years of witnessing and experiencing how these ceremonial and healing spaces can be distorted and abused, made overly masculine, used as power-over others, or simply made superficial by those who have not yet learnt to reclaim the sacred and deeper aspects of life – has now, clearly been part of my apprenticeship, leading to this.

After drinking pretty heavily at parties since aged 14, then several years of partying and having fun at festivals with psychedelics, during and, immediately after university. My break-down-led journey into spirituality, inner emotional healing, and connecting to my body called for complete sobriety for several years to release all attachments.

I was gifted pretty quickly the ability to tune into deep states of meditation, dream journeying, and astral states with just my breath, body and mind. I understood the practice I had gained with psychedelics of always navigating to a positive space in my mind, and also helping others who were spiralling – had opened many doors and pathways in the mind I could still traverse.

I deepened this practice over the years and learnt how to move between worlds in a grounded way, only experiencing several plant medicine or psychoactive ceremonies that confirmed my journey.

Moving to Canada was my first introduction to indigenous, native and First Peoples still firmly rooted in their traditions, lineage and practices. This meeting and being invited to experience their ceremony transformed and opened up my entire world view. Finally, a spiritually that made sense to me – rooted in Nature.

After 6 months or so in British Columbia, I was invited to the International Indigenous Gathering in Lillooet and was completely starry-eyed and awe-struck by the beauty and power of the leaders from all corners of the world gathered. This was followed in short succession with a bubble being burst, and my naiveté being shattered by several sexually predatory indigenous male leaders revealing themselves. This called me to look past the men who were dominating the stage and ceremonial spaces, to the women – in the background, quietly, intently doing deep ceremony, and sharing equally, if not more powerful work.

This moment planted the first seed of Soul Seed Gathering, learning from, and with, Indigenous medicine women across the world.

I have learnt to see clearly the power they wield, that can be so easily missed by the modern mind that looks to masculine-power as the norm.

Being guided and asked to now hold deep healing ceremonial space with Ayahuasca is not a journey I take lightly – as I know the depth, intent and power required of me to do it well.

I’m incredibly grateful for the mentors, guides and teachers still with me through the journey of Soul Seed Gathering, the House of knowledge being built to share, and, the call to return the knowledge of the deep feminine to us all at this time.

To find more info for ceremony visit here


Medicine Ceremonies

You are welcome here.

To embark on this journey for healing and revelation, beauty and intentional change in your life.

These ceremonies are here to walk grounded, strong, and awake in the world, with clarity and purpose.

To become unstuck and experience flow on your path in life.

We are here to walk together-in with intention, and to integrate out also.

Together, We are invited to reclaim the sacred in our lives to dream a better dream for ourselves and the world as a whole.

You already have everything inside of you to heal, connect to your power and fully come alive in your life.

Read about My Medicine Path Experience

Currently offered

In-Person & Remote (online):

1:1 Bespoke Journeys

In-Person Only:

Medicine Is Our Nature retreats 

Private bespoke retreats (available to book on request)

‘Sitting in ceremony with Hannah was an incredible experience. I felt totally supported, at ease and able to go deeper then ever before. Her voice is full of grace and her heart is pure love. Totally recommend this to others who are ready.’

 – Hillary Damato

Sitting in ceremony with Hannah was a homecoming of the heart. A journey of reverence and depth in which I was able to experientially access answers to questions my soul has been yearning and praying for. Hannahs deep connection coupled with her gentle, intuitive guidance and powerful grounding presence allowed me to fully surrender into my journey and unfold in all the ways I needed to. She provided a safe, nurturing container while inviting me to journey ever deeper into the wild unknown. An artful balanced that is rare. This will forever be an experience I treasure, and a key on my life’s path to knowing myself and this planet more intimately.’

 – Olivia Ashton, Private ceremony

Virtual ceremony with Hannah was just as powerful as any ceremony I’ve ever sat in. Naturally the physical effects of ayahuasca are minimal to nonexistent, but it quickly became clear to me how powerful the medicine truly is. The music is the medicine and Hannah brings it through so clearly. The healing I’ve received has been amazing. And Hannah’s devotion to the medicine, walking rightly, or living well as she describes it, is rare. She’s the first person and one of very few people that I recommend others to when they ask me about ayahuasca. Virtual or in person. I’m very grateful for Hannah and her work.

– Ross Sullivan

“It was absolutely perfect. I feel so aligned, so clear and a lot came through all night long… thank you again for holding such a beautifully fluid yet solid space. I feel more me, I know theres more work to be done but I feel at ease with it all.”

– Daniela Kravetz

What to expect…

A deeply honored and held space (held for all genders, unless otherwise stated for a particular event) in reverence to Mother Earth, to the medicine of life, to re-address our balance with ALL at this time.

Cleansing arrival

Intention sharing journey

Ceremony– each is personal and unique. Try to clear all expectations and fears,

Complete closing

Circle of integration and sharing for what we wish to carry forwards

We may be instructed to work with others plants (plants chosen for your needs and the intentions worked with) and we begin with an intention sharing to open space together.

We may sit in silence or work with instruments, words, sound, song and movements to shift energy.

Ceremonies may include ceremonial fire, cleansing waters, tobacco pipe ceremony, medicine drumming, and channeled sounds and song ~ dependent on the unique moment and experience.

As our ceremony comes full circle we close the ceremonial space and energetic field to ensure we walk away grounded, whole and in-tact. We may share closing words and experiences, and this can also take place in our integration meeting the week after.

What to expect online…

  • Clients report feeling the healing, and energy working through them. There is magic in this universe, where time and space remains a construct – proven by each of these experiences.
  • We begin by opening with a sharing circle, intention setting and then working with the energy through silence, meditation, vision, sound, song, words, breath and movements.
  • We learn to become empowered through each ceremony and session, as you realise you have everything inside of you to shift energy, heal, and show up for your life.
  • The 4 month crystal clear waters journey will call to you if you feel ready to step into a new threshold of being in life. You feel ready to rise into your higher self, and release what is no longer serving you. This is a magical, deep and special journey that can feel like light-years in 4months. We meet every other week for a ceremony or 1:1 sessions and remain open in communication throughout.


Cleansing, media fasting and intention walking-in recommend prior. You decide how deeply you wish to prepare and receive.

Once initial payment has been offered, we begin our work together. I will send voice messages to support your preparation and you can also begin sharing your intentions, fears or any reservations you may have along the way to clear.

Post-Ceremony Integration

We will plan for at least one check-in, in the weeks post-ceremony. If wishing to continue working deeper together to integrate, heal and carry forwards into all aspects of life – 1:1 sessions are available for you to book at additional cost.

The invitation to send voice notes via. WhatsApp remains open for 3weeks post ceremony during integration time. After 3weeks we again close the space between us.

Exchange In-Person: 

(contact for interest – limited spaces are available at anytime to maintain 1:1 or small group focus)

Every ceremony is an act of reciprocity, where at least 10% is circulated to indigenous-led initiatives.

Personal responsibility:

The previous or ongoing use of antidepressants, antibiotics and all other medical conditions must be announced in advance. Any psychiatric disorders, mental problems, diabetics, heart problems, also in the past needs to be addressed to us. Please be sure that this is not to treat any psychiatric or medical condition and that you take full responsibility for your own health and by signing up to this you also agree to that the responsibility for your well being is all on yourself and that you do your best to keep the diet clean and follow our instructions before and after the ceremonies.


Deep Healing Guidance

Medicine Ceremonies

Guided by the wisdom of the Earth and All as my teacher, I guide as far as I have travelled ~ which is an ongoing exploration and commitment to the depths of life, the psyche, the Universe, relationships, mothering and family, taking care of the home, and learning with all nature elements, seasons, plants, minerals, and dreams.

My commitment is to share this process honestly, openly and to remain humble to it. You can listen to that journey here.

I have apprenticed with nature, dreams and vision, circle-work and ceremony for 7 years consciously (and my previous life mostly unconsciously). For 5 years, I held a weekly women’s circle, to learn what it meant to hold space for heart-led sharing, and to engage in ritual and ceremony authentically. For the last 2 years of that journey, I also shared sacred cacao from Guatemala, and then locally from our jungle community on the Talamanca coast, from the Bri Bri people. 

Since ending my 5 year commitment to weekly circle and ceremony, I’ve worked mainly within, for the last 2 years, and been called now to guide deeper healing, and to work with other sacred plant-medicines available to us in the jungle, and on our land. My journey has been supported by dreams, visions and beloved mentors, and the calling, while strong and spoken loudly, was met with a resistance within myself for quite some time. However, to support all and any who are seeking deep healing, i am honored to be with you.

Through Soul Seed Gathering I have had the greatest honor to meet, sit and learn with indigenous medicine women, elders, and earth-heart-and-community centered leaders from the Lillooet First Nations, K’iche’, Tz’utujil, Kogi, Wayuu, Sangoma, BriBri, and Celtic-Anglo-European lineages. They are my teachers, accountability holders, and continue to guide my journey forwards. My path is firmly rooted in Nature, yet, is in deep respect of all paths, traditions, and lineages. I remain devoted to healing and bringing awareness to the importance of indigenous peoples across the world, and our own ancestral connection to earth-based lineages. Find out more here.

My own ancestral spiritual indigeneity is somewhat lost and disconnected, and yet, is continually being discovered and integrated back into my journey. My Welsh Celtic-Pagan, Anglo, Germanic, Slavic and older Viking, all-peasant lineages, have arrived through archeological clues, family memories, folktales, language and ultimately dreams and spirit-spoken wisdom.

I work as a healing guide, not as a healer to save or hold authority over you, as we are all here to save and empower ourselves. I share my experiences as embodied teachings, not regurgitated from any course or book – yet I have studied with many. I am here to remain committed to my own inner and outer exploration, and to support you on your own.

While many ceremonies, teachings, music and language have been stripped of its depth and soul, watered down to appeal to modern society, and are pulled out of their context – I work to bring that depth and context back into all that I offer and guide, to remain rooted with integrity.

I channel ancestral voices of the Earth, and am committed to remaining integrated, and of the Earth, so that I can show up fully here at this time.

I work with the deep spiritual understanding that we have everything within us, and therefore, any judgements, and fear of what is out there, is to be taken back inwards to heal within me. I invite you to do the same, and question our modern paradigm of good vs. evil – as this invites superficial spiritual bypass, projection and avoidance of our own shadows.

Ceremonies require us all to prepare, and walk with intention in, and integrate fully out. This is not a quick fix, while healings can feel miraculous, we are here for the life-long journey of learning, growing and rising into ourselves. This is a commitment, to return the sacred balance to all things, within and without.

If called to join a deep healing ceremony visit:
Medicine Ceremonies

please contact here

1:1 session(s) online and offline, year-long apprenticeship journey (begins each Spring Equinox), and/or to meet in night-long intimate group plant-medicine and spirit-guided ceremony held monthly from my home.

With so much love to where you are.


The Private Soul Journey

for one full cycle around the sun or 6months

Duration: 12 months or 6 months

Work 1:1 in a bespoke journey, meeting once a month for a 2hour in-depth coaching call and/or remote ayahuasca ceremony when appropriate

Access to communication via. voice notes and messages (Monday to Friday, response will happen within the week)

Join me in Costa Rica (travel, accommodations and food not included) for a special day retreat and 1:1 ceremony to map your life, unblock where stuck, and live into your dreams.

We step in as equals on this path learning and growing together. We are both apprentices to the medicine path. I simply share my 9years of experience navigating it, guided and led by magic.

This is right for you:

  • if you are looking for personal guidance to follow your dreams, acknowledge your purpose and show up for the Earth at this time with your unique gifts.
  • You are looking for a midwife to your souls journey, with accountability and support to rise higher while staying rooted and grounded for this 6months to 1 year.
  • You are looking to shift from maiden or boyhood into Mother, Warrior, Queen, King, Elder and Wise Healer.
  • You wish to work between realms of the seen and the unseen, the medicine wo/man path.
  • You wish to be part of the positive change in the world, to work with right action and relationship with all.
  • You have experienced transformational experiences and are looking to ground and channel this into your deepest soul becoming.
  • You wish to truly honor the ancestral wisdom traditions of Shaman, Priestess, Witch and Magician.
  • You are ready to balance your masculine and feminine qualities to honor and wield both.


Access to Deep Feminine Soul Journey 1 year membership (female-identified only)

Access to Wo/men Change World Courses when released (immediate access to Mapping + Whole World of Wealth) to take in your own time

In-person 1:1 ceremony (with Ayahuasca or personalized) and a day retreat in Costa Rica when able to travel (does not include travel, accommodations and food).

+ first access to purchase with discount to all events in Costa Rica

Apply for right fit

“Just over 2 years ago I discovered Hannah Dyson and her amazing research project Soul Seed Gathering. I was immediately floored by the integrity and alignment within which she works. Hannah sees everyone in their highest light. Stepping into this apprenticeship felt like something that I had been calling in for a long time finally landed. Working with Hannah and her offerings has been a deeply enriching, valuable and important gift to my future self. This work will be with me for a lifetime.

I am very grateful to Hannah, not just for all that she has given me, but for all the work that she does on herself and within her communities. I am so honoured to work with her. It has been a dream come true. Thank u Hannah!”

– Abigail Giddings


  • This is a strong commitment and one that is difficult to turn back on once you say yes (as your life will transform and be guided to surrender and flow) so be sure you are being called to it from deep within.
  • This apprenticeship draws upon my own 9 year apprenticeship journey working with the wheel of life, circle and ceremonial work, and the deep feminine. In the 8th year I heard the clear call to support others on this path.
  • Supported by the indigenous elders, mentors and teachers who’s wisdom and insight has guided me.
  • We work between dreams and waking reality, learning how to shape both.
  • Learning to rise to the occasion, take right action, maintain boundaries and protection and clear out everything that is not for us – to call in all that is.
  • We meet where you are at, working to rise to develop a deeper sense of your life journey to flow with ease. We are here to clear all blocks, limits and free where you feel stuck.

“The apprenticeship journey with Hannah has allowed me to reclaim, incorporate and transcend parts of myself that had been repressed and hidden for a long time. With Hannah’s help (and ayahuasca) I am meeting my Soul and understanding more clearly what my role in my community is and how to embody and express it effectively. This is real transformative work! And I am grateful for Hannah’s presence and guidance on this journey.

The apprenticeship path speaks for itself. I’m currently half way through and it’s been such a beautiful transformational journey that I’m already considering another full year if she’ll let me.”

– Ross Sullivan

The Apprenticeship is 1 year or a 6-month cycle around the sun

(Reserve space by deposit and first payment or full payment)


If ready to invest into your soul journey, to be of service with your gifts, and experience flow and magic in all ways:

Payment secures your space.

Note: 3 spaces open to begin right away for 2022


There Is More To Our Story

Welcome to There Is More To Our Story, brought to you by Soul Seed Gathering a research project bringing the deep feminine to historical significance and cultural relevance.

It is here will be sharing interviews with Medicine Women, Indigenous Leaders, Academics, Activists and Visionaries who help provide a comprehensive world view of the Deep Feminine, and Earth-based cultures we have not been taught about in school, shown in media and often shared only superficially in spirituality.

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The Deeper Current Podcast

Presented to you by For Women Who Want To Change The World.
Hosted by Hannah Ruth Dyson.

A new podcast exploring the deeper current of life, to work in flow, with purpose and soul. To follow-through on dreams to completion. Hannah shares the ins-and-outs of living in the current, with ease, courage and integrity to work as whole.

The Deeper Current Podcast shares the behind-the-scenes journey of Soul Seed Gathering, and the deeper healing path.

Find on iTunes here

or Spotify here

and the first episodes via. Soundcloud below:

Topics Discussed:

– Welcome to the Deeper Current Podcast. Introducing…

– Excellence vs. Perfection

– Baring the process before perfection

– Origins of Women Change World & Soul Seed Gathering

– Working in Flow vs. overworking

– Showing up to be our best selves, for the change we wish to see

– Dysfunctional Conditioning

– Working with money

– Letting go of people pleasing

– A different idea of feminine

– Working with momentum

– Forever changed in Colombia

– The true Medicine Women

– Working as a white woman

– Conditioning of western society

– Doing and Rest

– Earning for true substance & our gifts

– You are already free, powerful & influential. Money as an ally.

– A 2nd podcast announcement

– Learn about the Apprenticeship

Send your Questions to [email protected]


Topics Discussed:

– Death as initiation, the shamanic path

– Rebirth as breath, orgasm, sleep and meeting obstacles

– Making peace with death

– Indigenous relationship to death

– Mapping a different understanding of life and death

– Not avoiding death

– Experience of my birth compared to a recent miscarriage

– The journey from resistance to surrender

– From disempowerment to empowerment

– Navigating pain to pleasure

– To feel support, to allow support

– The experience of orgasmic birth

– The trauma of my first birth with the most beautiful baby

– Learning to breastfeed with the Bri Bri indigenous

– Pronoia

– Going against instincts, and intuition vs. trusting

– Surrounding yourself with the most beautiful people in your life

– Ancestral healing

– Letting go of those who are not here for us

– Showing up with joy. Walking through hell in bliss. Heaven on Earth.

– Please share with anyone who may need to hear this episode, and share your own story as we all deserve to be heard.

– Acknowledging the difficulty of conception, and the choice to also not have a child in this lifetime.

– Holding space for everything. You do not have to do it alone.


Topics Discussed:

– Gratitude

– Autumn to Winter

– Working with seasons, creating space

– Re-patterning conditioning

– Feeling all our judgements, guilt and criticism

– What have I learnt from this previous season and cycle around the sun

– Radical Non-Avoidance

– Flow States to Continuous Flow

– How the hustle hides what’s really blocking us

– Experience with Soul Seed Gathering

– Falling out of flow and nudging our way back

– Learning from all experiences

– Dream work – Lucid living


– Accessing deep states of awareness

– Recalibrating through transitions

– Between Earth and Spirit, Death and Release

– Listening as a superpower

– Being the change by changing pace

– Misguided charity and giving

– My mistakes a year-ago

– ‘Life is a dance between making things happen and lettings things happen’ Arianna Huffington

– What would it look like if this was easy?

– Connecting to all time, stepping outside of linear time

– Finding our way through loneliness, depression and not avoiding it

– Dark nights of the soul to reborn with strength

– You have to do it yourself but you do not have to do it alone

– DM or reach out by email to [email protected]


– Encapsulating this year of inward looking

– How to navigate hyper-individualisation – bringing back to simple

– How to remain in flow, while staying grounded

– Narcissism of this time

– The losing art of conversation

– Self-confidence to community-confidence and being of service

Reference: Simon Sinek with Lewis Howes –

– My own loss of confidence this year

– Triggering others, pioneering real change and showing up with others

– Humbling experiences through ceremonies

– The ego as a trickster – false humbleness, martyrdom

– Show up for one person

– Jamie Wheal on London Real –

– Super Egos developed from enlightenment to self-promotion

– Integration through walking the path

– Ethics in the healing, spiritual, self-development space – a most needed discussion

– Soul Seed Gathering providing the divine feminine movement an anchor, grounding into reality, popping the fantasy, through historical knowledge and real work with indigenous culture

– Deep Feminine – a different idea of femininity

– Fantasy of goddesses, priestesses, witches and being medicine women

– Cleaning, cooking, gardening as a spiritual practice

– The Apprenticeship – integrating, dissolving the ego, being of service

– Insecurity + self-obsession and only having admirers

– Practicing being in better conversation with family through the holidays

– Shapeshifting through this decade 20-10s to 2020

– Understanding all parts of the journey

– Remaining whole

Soul Seed House – to dive deep, anchor and remain engaged

Medicine Is Our Nature retreat – silence, fasting and ceremony March 24th-29th w/ special guests Low Leaf sharing a Harp sound journey and Olivia Ashton holding silence and sacred self love sessions

Apprenticeship – for you if feeling unable to integrate spirituality, and enlightened experiences into all areas of life, needing support and accountability to show up for what we are here for, navigating depression and the heaviness of this time. Apply by emailing [email protected] to set up a short call

– allowing beauty to arise in 2020, showing up for change, navigating the upheaval of these times

– Women Change World Immersion in Costa Rica

– Chapter 3 Dreaming Us Back Together moving into the WEST maturity and power of knowing

– Sending love to the closing of 2019


– Arriving into 2020

– Continuous flow, shifting gears, working with ease

Mapping Course – learning to work intelligently

– 2020: Freedom on Earth

– Different forms of freedom

– Being here, being real with all

– January: Showing Up

– Get clear on what is important to us

– Protect and stay true to what is important

– Separating personal pain from the greater cause

– How to navigate activism without judgement

– Surrendering superiority complexes

– Calling in rather than calling out

– Choosing celebration to activate

– What we have to learn from indigenous peoples

– Know yourself

– How to navigate criticism, to still show up in the way we can be effective

– Living it, rather than hiding in a cause

– Show up fully, giving from an overflowing cup

– Not giving from guilt

– Slowing down in winter to get clear on our purpose


– Now Available now on iTunes, listen to previous episodes here

– Experience of sharing circles, cacao and ceremony

– Teachings from holding space

– Recommendations: Avani & Caribe Yoga Academy

– Saying Goodbye, clearing space

– Launch of the Soul Seed House

The Apprenticeship

– Letting go to allow for what we want

– Listening to the soul even when it does not make ‘logical’ sense

– My Initiation into women’s circles at Burning Man

– Showing up

– Giving people their power back, creating equality through our actions

– Deep Feminine getting the recognition it deserves

– ‘Civilised’ conditioning

– Doing the personal work to not muddy the waters of the problems we’re trying to fix

– Right and wrong is not simple, example of child labor

– Walking rightly, looking at the bigger picture

– Preparing to receive funding for Soul Seed Gathering

– Boundaries, Structure and form to build strength

– Receiving for SSG – support here

– Responding to Question around keeping track of which stage we’re in in-flow

– What Flow feels like

– If unclear, or not in flow return to doing nothing

– Create Space from your influences, connect to your burning why

– Begin then to dream and explore all ideas

– Testing and experimenting

– Knowing what it is, time to own it and protect it

– The arrival, celebration and review

– Learning all the lessons to not repeat them

– Cannot fake, force or push your way through each stage

– Working with natural energy

– Building the trust to let go, take rest and integrate

– Sharing in a real way for it to land and be received


Intro: Welcoming back

Soul Seed House 

Masterclass Lunacy/ Mental Health through lens of Deep Feminine history & indigenous culture

Navigating facing the difficult issues of the world

Giving from the overflowing cup

N: Integrating, clearing, reviewing

The Apprenticeship Path 

The gifts from not avoiding

Theme: Money

My background studying business & economics

Learning about the economy

Getting right with money

A channelled workshop YouTube (link to come)

Understanding money through all the chakras

Difficult lessons

Healing through the holistic lens of money considering how we budget, earn, negotiate, save, invest, give, spend, exchange, sell, ask, maintain boundaries.

Societal conditioning, stories and judgements

Being good with money for others, and not ourselves

My bumpy ride with money in 2019 and the lessons that arose.

Importance of contracts and written agreements

Spending wisely

Using our privilege for good

Fears of the wealthy

Soul Seed Events 
Soul Seed House
Soul Seed Patreon
Patrons Bloom Fund

Open to money arriving in unique ways, open to all possibilities

Being ready to receive

Coming together in community to learn of one anothers dreams

Remaining creative, inventive for ideas

The power of a little or a lot of money

Clearing guilt, shame, fear, judgement, insecurity

Living in balance for fulfilment

With so much love


This week I am joined on the show with Olivia Ashton, photographer and space holder.

Follow Olivia 

The love story of our meeting.

Olivia’s Sacred Self Love Portrait Sessions.

Healing through photography

Experience at Chapter 2 Soul Seed Gathering

Medicine Is Our Nature Retreat

Journey with Silent Retreats

Leaving space for yourself to connect

Deep Feminine lens on mental health

It’s ok to feel whatever you’re feeling

How we are praised when young

Death is where the Life is

Aging gracefully

Loss of Innocence opening Clear sight 

Delighting in Change

Seeing one another clearly

The phenomenon of suppression

Moving past gossip, bitching, jealousy and comparisons

Feeling one another beyond surface level

Embracing Change

Fragile leaders

Loss of Identity 

Dismantling  oppressive rigid institutions

Looking within. Working with shame

Loving our way with change.

The narrative racism towards Indigenous

Racism in academia

The ripple effect of doing our personal work

We need everyone

Join us in March

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EP9 Showing up to hold space

Last weeks episode with Olivia

Loss of innocence – Clear Vision – Looking at ourselves

The blog – Marton Tolboll

The need of experience to teach from – takes time

Live in the flow of life – constantly awakening

Through the hard times comes the greatest joy, pleasure and gifts

The fragility of positive thinking only

Importance of living what we are teaching

Search of Truth vs. Persuasion, Influence and dependency

Remaining humble and with a sense of equality

Embracing ebbs and flows, highs and lows to make life more fun

Importance of a strong backbone and boundaries vs. being everyones friend

Taking care of peoples trust in us

Soul Seed Gathering experience in Guatemala & Colombia

Importance of showing up to hold space

Forever changed after meeting Jaba Teresa – held to a higher account

Navigating the spirit and physical realms

Responsibility of holding space

Coming out of the spiritual closet

Working as a traveller 

The Apprenticeship Path Doors open Feb1st and close March 20th

The time is now

You have to do it yourself but you cannot do it alone

1:1 sessions available for $150 until March 20th
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Medicine Is Our Nature retreat
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Connecting to our dreams


Soul Seed House

Welcome to the Soul Seed Research and Media House.

We are an online community space to house a growing movement of women. Together, we are bringing the deep feminine perspective to historical significance and cultural relevance. This is a place for us to restore and reclaim balance by solely focusing on the feminine and indigenous, earth-based viewpoints.

We are a private members space, inspired by the request for us to protect the indigenous women’s wisdom and knowledge shared with us.

You are supporting:

– Building of women’s wisdom library: protection of knowledge, culture & tradition

– Independence: for us stay in integrity and in-alignment with mission

As a Resident you receive:

Each week

Early access to our podcast interviews, meditations and teachings.

Each month

Newly up-dated in-depth interviews with academic experts, writers, researchers and speakers.

Guest Editors and Themes for integration.

Each quarter

Long-form interviews and recordings with medicine women, indigenous female leaders and/or academics

Masterclass with Soul Seed Gathering Founder Hannah Ruth Dyson

Travel & Educational Topic Guides

Original music, and artwork from our incredible creative community to draw inspiration from.


First-access + Soul Seed House Resident pricing to our events, gatherings, and experiences.

Each month – An in-depth interview with academic expert, writer, researcher and/or speaker – Guest Editor & Theme for integration – Her story, Travel & Educational Topic Guides – An audio guide – Guided meditation – Original music, mixtapes, playlists and artwork from our incredible creative community to draw inspiration from

An online members space sharing…



of countries, cultures, indigenous heritage, medicine women stories and topical themes


archeological evidence, oral histories, mythologies, folktales, and the real women of our past


we explore the ways in which this research becomes relevant in all areas of our lives

Gathering and research trips

behind-the-scenes and preparation support for all the participants who join us in our Chapter gatherings.

Community of Change

putting this work into action, reporting on activism, and ways to make change


we explore in-depth different ways of travelling, and seeing the world, exploring philosophies


behind-the-scenes of our creative interviews, profiles and media + artwork  contributions

Are you one of our RESIDENTS?
This membership is for you if you are:

1. Are a traveler seeking to learn from deep female wisdom

2. Are a student, anthropologist or women´s researcher eager to learn about the female indigenous perspective with integrity

3. An female empowerment leader and  care about the rise of the feminine rooted in our deep her story

4. An activist for earth care and cultural preservation and want to look to the leaders – indigenous women worldwide

Become a RESIDENT: Soul Seed House

Join US as we map women’s wisdom traditions, across the world. Providing a stronger sense of who we are, where we have come from, and where we can go next.


Talks & Workshops

Current Talks:

There Is More To Our Story

The Earth and How to move with Her

Radical Non-Avoidance

Current Workshops:

The Way of Flow: working with adaptability, efficiently and excellence

Weaving Us Back Together: mental health and sense of place

Previous Talks & Workshops include:

Women’s Wisdom: the Witch, the Shaman & the Priestess

Herstory – why are we missing half of the story?

Sacred Sexuality

The Female Orgasm

Lucid Dreaming – Lucid Living

Power of Dreams

Ceremony & Ritual around the World

Ritual and Ceremony, Holding Space & the Ethics of Power (the Siddhis)

As seen at:

AY^AM Soul Seed Presentation, LA 2018

Desert Nights, The Standard Hotel, Hollywood 2018

Soul Seed Gathering, Ch1 Guatemala & Ch2 Colombia 2017, 2018

Envision Festival, Costa Rica 2016, 2017

Festival No 6, Wales UK 2015, 2016

Caribe Yoga Academy, Costa Rica 2018, 2019

Chocolate Festival, Costa Rica 2014, 2015

Festival of Consciousness, Guatemala 2014

Reverbia Camp, Burning Man, Nevada 2013


Private Work

You can book a 1:1 private connection session with Hannah here.

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Private Connection Sessions are open for grounding, clarity, understanding & support in your personal journey. If you are looking for Support. Mentoring & Consulting for your work, business and creation find more info at Women Change World.
Each session, will be a mix or a combination of elements, according to your needs, to include:
  • Intuitive Listening and Guidance
  • Meditation, Journeying & Dreamwork Support
  • Ritual & Ceremony Insights
  • Soulful Advice & Honest Questioning
The idea for each session, is to empower you with the tools to connect with yourself, journey, and to come away with clarity, while feeling energised, with support.
You can email before your session ([email protected]), to share your needs and what you would like to work through and transform in the session. If unclear, we can establish this during the session also.
 [df_divider_text title=”Value” title_align=”separator_align_center” el_width=”80″ style=”solid” height=”1px” accent_color=”#EEEEEE” border_size=”1px” padding=”22px 0 44px 0″ position=”align_center” el_class=””]
Initial Consultation $150
1 1/2 hr sessions $350
3month $1500
6month $3000