The Private Soul Journey

for one full cycle around the sun or 6months

Duration: 12 months or 6 months

Work 1:1 in a bespoke journey, meeting once a month for an in-depth coaching call and/or remote ceremony

Access to ongoing communication via. voice notes and messages (Monday to Friday)

Join me in Costa Rica for a special day retreat and 1:1 ceremony to dream map your life, unblock where stuck, and live into your dreams.

We step in as equals on this path learning and growing together. We are both apprentices to the medicine path. I simply share my 9years of experience navigating it, guided and led by magic.

This is right for you:

  • if you are looking for personal guidance to follow your dreams, acknowledge your purpose and show up for the Earth at this time with your unique gifts.
  • You wish to work between realms of the seen and the unseen, the medicine wo/man path.
  • You wish to be part of the positive change in the world, to work with right action and relationship with all.
  • You have experienced transformational experiences and are looking to ground and channel this into your deepest soul becoming.
  • You are looking for a midwife to your souls journey, with accountability and support to rise higher while staying rooted and grounded.
  • You are looking to shift from maiden or boyhood into Mother, Warrior, Queen, King, Elder and Wise Healer.
  • You wish to truly honor the ancestral wisdom traditions of Shaman, Priestess, Witch and Magician.
  • You are ready to balance your masculine and feminine qualities to honor and wield both.
  • You do not need to be a healer or medicine woman to be on this path. This is learning to weave the magic into your unique soul journey and experience wealth in all ways.


Access to Deep Feminine Soul Journey 6month membership (female-identified only)

Access to Wo/men Change World Courses when released (immediate access to Mapping + Whole World of Wealth) to take in your own time

In-person 1:1 ceremony (with Ayahuasca or personalized) and a day retreat in Costa Rica when able to travel

+ first access & discount to all events in Costa Rica

Apply for right fit

“Just over 2 years ago I discovered Hannah Dyson and her amazing research project Soul Seed Gathering. I was immediately floored by the integrity and alignment within which she works. Hannah sees everyone in their highest light. Stepping into this apprenticeship felt like something that I had been calling in for a long time finally landed. Working with Hannah and her offerings has been a deeply enriching, valuable and important gift to my future self. This work will be with me for a lifetime.

I am very grateful to Hannah, not just for all that she has given me, but for all the work that she does on herself and within her communities. I am so honoured to work with her. It has been a dream come true. Thank u Hannah!”

– Abigail Giddings


  • This apprenticeship draws upon my own 9 year apprenticeship journey working with the wheel of life, circle and ceremonial work, and the deep feminine. In this 8th year I heard the clear call to support others on this path.
  • Supported by the indigenous elders, mentors and teachers who’s wisdom and insight has guided me.
  • We work between dreams and waking reality, learning how to shape both.
  • Learning to rise to the occasion, take right action, maintain boundaries and protection and clear out everything that is not for us – to call in all that is.
  • We meet where you are at, working to rise to develop a deeper sense of your life journey to flow with ease. We are here to clear all blocks, limits and free where you feel stuck.
  • This is a strong commitment and one that is difficult to turn back on once you say yes (as your life will transform and be guided to surrender and flow) so be sure you are being called to it from deep within.

“The apprenticeship journey with Hannah has allowed me to reclaim, incorporate and transcend parts of myself that had been repressed and hidden for a long time. With Hannah’s help (and ayahuasca) I am meeting my Soul and understanding more clearly what my role in my community is and how to embody and express it effectively. This is real transformative work! And I am grateful for Hannah’s presence and guidance on this journey.

The apprenticeship path speaks for itself. I’m currently half way through and it’s been such a beautiful transformational journey that I’m already considering another full year if she’ll let me.”

– Ross Sullivan

The Apprenticeship is 1 year or a 6-month cycle around the sun

(Reserve space by deposit, first payment or full payment)


If ready to invest into your soul journey, to be of service with your gifts, and experience flow and magic in all ways:

Apply to
with your statement of intent, what draws you to this apprenticeship, sharing your dreams and desires and the obstacles and fears you face.

if aligned, we will meet on call to connect and confirm right fit

Payment secures your space.

Note: 1 space open to begin right away

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