Welsh grown and Costa Rica based, Hannah Ruth Dyson is a deep feminine and earth-based cultural researcher, indigenous advocate, educational writer and speaker, deep healing guide, and medicine keeper.

Founder of Soul Seed Gathering and Women Change World.

Hannah has become an expert on the history of women’s culture and earth-based spiritual traditions for the past seven years. From engaging in research, documenting ancient cultures, and guiding sacred travel experiences.

Working with elders from Lillooet First Nations, K’iche’, Tz’utujil, Kogi, Wayuu, Q’ero nation, and Celtic-Anglo-European lineages. With research focused on indigenous and ancestral women’s role in ceremony and ritual, dreamwork, plant medicine, and community leadership.

She received a Bachelor of Science at the London School of Economics and has previous experience in international documentary research and film production.

Her all-women led not-for-profit research foundation, media house, and event company Soul Seed Gathering was born in 2015.

Women Change World was born in 2016 and shares the ‘how-to’, by offering guidance to bring ideas from the dream stage to creation, how to remain in flow, and in integrity for true fulfilment.

Host of the There Is More To Our Story Podcast and The Deeper Current Podcast.

Hannah’s work acts as a bridge to understanding our collective human story by bringing greater awareness to the female and indigenous perspectives.

Her work also offers solutions for earth-centered change from business actions, re-imagining new financial systems, activism, healing and community building.

A loved speaker, facilitator and writer, Hannah empowers women to find, and be guided by their own internal compass.

As a healing guide, Hannah offers 1:1 year-long apprenticeship and deep medicine ceremonies guided by Nature. Learn more here.

Her family resides in Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, home to the BriBri indigenous and Afro-Caribbean first settlers, along with 72 countries represented by expats,
with husband Kelly, son Cosmo, dogs Harley and Rara, and cat Sophia.

Soul Seed Gathering

Women Change World 

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