Private Soul Journey

Duration: 1 month minimum. 6 months recommended. Depending on needs we can journey for one full circle around the sun – 12 months.

1:1 bespoke journey: for leaders to meet in ceremony (in-person or online), in-depth coaching and intuitive guidance, and personalized retreats in special locations when called to with Earth portals and support grid work. This may include rite of passage initiations and work with plant medicine when called for.

Includes: Access to communication via. voice notes and messages throughout (Monday to Friday responses)

Possibility to join me in Costa Rica, Egypt, and in Europe at special locations, for a special day retreat or longer immersions.

This is right for you:

  • You are looking for personalized support to go all in with your dreams. You acknowledge your purpose, and are here to show up for the Earth at this time with your unique gifts.
  • You are looking to feel more alive on your life’s journey with support to rise higher while staying rooted.
  • You wish to be in right nourishing relationship with all.
  • You are seeking high level intuitive guidance and support because you work at a high level.
  • You want to protect yourself,  honor sacred boundaries and stay clear on your path.
  • You respect the work between realms of the seen and the unseen, the medicine wo/man path.
  • You wish to be part of the positive change in the world, to work with right action and relationship with all.
  • You have experienced transformational experiences and are looking to ground and channel this into your deepest soul becoming.
  • You wish to truly honor the ancestral shamanic wisdom traditions.
  • You are ready to balance your masculine and feminine qualities to honor and wield both.


  • This is a strong commitment, once you say yes – your life will transform and, you will be guided to surrender and show up in a greater way.
  • This apprenticeship draws upon my own 10 year apprenticeship journey working with elders, the wheel of life, circle and ceremonial work, and the path of reclaiming the deep feminine & integral masculine. In the 8th year I heard the clear call to support others on this path with what I have learnt.
  • Supported by the indigenous elders, mentors and teachers who’s wisdom and insight has guided me.
  • We work between dreams and waking reality, learning how to shape both.
  • Learning to rise to the occasion, take right action, maintain boundaries and protection and clear out everything that is not for us – to call in all that is.
  • We meet where you are at, working to rise to develop a deeper sense of your life journey to flow with ease. We are here to clear all blocks, limits and free where you feel stuck.

Private Soul Journey

Investment depends on the design of the journey. 

Only 3 spaces held at a time.
Apply below & look out for response to set up a call.

*If you’re seeking a 1 time Ceremony or Intuitive Guidance session visit here