Mapping the deep feminine for the last 10 years.

What does this mean?

Passionately, and persistently, looking through the archeological record, oral histories and myths (and how they have changed over time). Gathering what we know, to gain a better understanding of who we are across time, and across the world. Looking at the connection points and the differences across themes.

While, also trying to understand why I wasn’t taught this in school, and why, in university we were told that women’s history had been removed because it’s too ‘contentious’ in our Women’s Studies program.

We know there are many issues in the foundations of the subjects of history, archeology, and anthropology with their origins in white, Victorian male bias, prejudice, misogyny and racism. While these subjects have evolved — this framework and foundation can be slow to change.

We started to build the Soul Seed House library in 2019 – a longtime dream to build the most comprehensive library of deep feminine and earth-based cultural knowledge. Learn more here

With gratitude to

Marija Gimbutus for pioneering so much of this work and, as a pioneer, experiencing an academic witch trial during her career. Fortunately, her work is now beginning to be validated and her reputation restored.

Max Dashu for leading the way for women’s history mapping, for the past 40 years. And, attending our first Soul Seed Gathering Chapter in Guatemala in 2017. Recommend book: Witches and Pagans & her website suppressedhistories.net as a resource.

Laurie Cabot for opening the door to women’s history through her book ‘Power of the Witch’ while making me crave sources, references and, understanding what do we actually know.

Silvia Federici for pointing to the very real victimization of women, through capitalism, patriarchy and religion – in particular elder women. While giving me thirst for learning the real magic and belief in the witch and her powers.

Loren Cruden for offering a blueprint, and guide to the wheel of life. To live with the rhythm and changes of the seasons and to allow this to become the natural unfolding of my life. Her guidance for dreams opened up the shamanic gates for me to enter into.

Layne Redmond for awakening my connection to the drum, and understanding the drumbeat of Herstory throughout Europe.

Mary Condren for showing how the myths were changed over time in Ireland, which hide the deeper roots of Herstories. To also acknowledge that the Celts were the colonizers of the pagan peoples, before the Romans.

Anne Cameron for recording the oral histories of the Nuu-chah-nulth women, indigenous to Vancouver Island, in ‘Daughters of Copper Women’ to help me ask if this story – of women going into hiding with their knowledge, after watching waves of colonization make their people forget who they were –  is why we have forgotten our deeper herstories across the world.

Cynthia Eller for questioning whether women are making up feminist versions of history to feel better about themselves in her book ‘The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory’. Helping me to understand the deep rooted patriarchy within academia and to gain acceptance as a woman is to pretend women’s spheres of power have never existed.

My Mother-line, and the awakening of magic, intuition and ‘knowing’ in our lineage. To my grandmother maiden name as ‘Weber’ -‘Weaver’ that has helped me track the roots of witchcraft, magic and women’s prophecy and dream work woven into the fabric of our past. To understand that weaving holds power in the hands of women across the world.

Wales, where I grow up in a wild landscape of castles, beaches, forests, oceans and mountains to feed my imagination. With local people who still believe in the fairies and tree spirits who live there also.

– to name just a few of the inspirations, guides and influences on my journey.

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