Medicine Ceremonies

You are welcome here.

To embark on this journey for healing and revelation, beauty and intentional change in your life.

These ceremonies are here to walk grounded, strong, and awake in the world, with clarity and purpose.

To become unstuck and experience flow on your path in life.

We are here to walk together-in with intention, and to integrate out also.

Together, We are invited to reclaim the sacred in our lives to dream a better dream for ourselves and the world as a whole.

Read about My Medicine Path Experience

Currently offered

In-Person & Remote (online):

1:1 afternoon ceremony (2:30pm-5pm)

1:1 4month clear waters

(4 ceremonies, 4 1:1 sessions & voice notes throughout. Optional in-person journey to close at a special location)

Apply for right fit – as we move towards crystal clear waters, the pollution in your life, and dilution of your inner well~being, will arise to dissolve and disperse. This is for deep clearing and transformation.

In-Person Only:

Medicine Is Our Nature retreats 

Private bespoke retreats (available to book on request)

Virtual ceremony with Hannah was just as powerful as any ceremony I’ve ever sat in. Naturally the physical effects of ayahuasca are minimal to nonexistent, but it quickly became clear to me how powerful the medicine truly is. The music is the medicine and Hannah brings it through so clearly. The healing I’ve received has been amazing. And Hannah’s devotion to the medicine, walking rightly, or living well as she describes it, is rare. She’s the first person and one of very few people that I recommend others to when they ask me about ayahuasca. Virtual or in person. I’m very grateful for Hannah and her work.

– Ross Sullivan

“It was absolutely perfect. I feel so aligned, so clear and a lot came through all night long… thank you again for holding such a beautifully fluid yet solid space. I feel more me, I know theres more work to be done but I feel at ease with it all.”

– Daniela Kravetz

What to expect…

A deeply honored and held space (held for all genders, unless otherwise stated for a particular event) in reverence to Mother Earth, to the medicine of life, to re-address our balance with ALL at this time.

Cleansing arrival

Intention sharing journey

Ceremony– each is personal and unique. Try to clear all expectations and fears,

Complete closing

Circle of integration and sharing for what we wish to carry forwards

We may be instructed to work with others plants (plants chosen for your needs and the intentions worked with) and we begin with an intention sharing to open space together.

We may sit in silence or work with instruments, words, sound, song and movements to shift energy.

Ceremonies may include ceremonial fire, cleansing waters, tobacco pipe ceremony, medicine drumming, and channeled sounds and song ~ dependent on the unique moment and experience.

As our ceremony comes full circle we close the ceremonial space and energetic field to ensure we walk away grounded, whole and in-tact. We may share closing words and experiences, and this can also take place in our integration meeting the week after.

What to expect online…

  • Clients report feeling the healing, and energy working through them. There is magic in this universe, where time and space remains a construct – proven by each of these experiences.
  • We begin by opening with a sharing circle, intention setting and then working with the energy through silence, meditation, vision, sound, song, words, breath and movements.
  • We learn to become empowered through each ceremony and session, as you realise you have everything inside of you to shift energy, heal, and show up for your life.
  • The 4 month crystal clear waters journey will call to you if you feel ready to step into a new threshold of being in life. You feel ready to rise into your higher self, and release what is no longer serving you. This is a magical, deep and special journey that can feel like light-years in 4months. We meet every other week for a ceremony or 1:1 sessions and remain open in communication throughout.


Cleansing, media fasting and intention walking-in recommend prior. You decide how deeply you wish to prepare and receive.

Once initial payment has been offered, we begin our work together. I will send voice messages to support your preparation and you can also begin sharing your intentions, fears or any reservations you may have along the way to clear.

Post-Ceremony Integration

We will plan for at least one check-in, in the weeks post-ceremony. If wishing to continue working deeper together to integrate, heal and carry forwards into all aspects of life – 1:1 sessions are available for you to book at additional cost.

The invitation to send voice notes via. WhatsApp remains open for 3weeks post ceremony during integration time. After 3weeks we again close the space between us.

Exchange In-Person:

1:1 afternoon ceremony (2.5hrs) 

$450– Paid in full or with $250 payment to begin prep + $200 paid at ceremony

Private group ceremony available to book (price pp less for each additional person)

4 month crystal clear waters journey

with 4x afternoon ceremony + 4 x 1:1 sessions + Voxer support (voice notes) throughout  

(contact for interest)

Every ceremony is an act of reciprocity, where at least 10% is circulated to indigenous-led initiatives.

Personal responsibility:

The previous or ongoing use of antidepressants, antibiotics and all other medical conditions must be announced in advance. Any psychiatric disorders, mental problems, diabetics, heart problems, also in the past needs to be addressed to us. Please be sure that this is not to treat any psychiatric or medical condition and that you take full responsibility for your own health and by signing up to this you also agree to that the responsibility for your well being is all on yourself and that you do your best to keep the diet clean and follow our instructions before and after the ceremonies.

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