Medicine Ceremonies

You are welcome here.

To embark on this special journey for healing, beauty, revelations, deep learning and intentional change in your life.

These ceremonies are here for you to walk grounded, strong, and awake in the world, with clarity and purpose.

To become unstuck and experience flow on our soul path in life.

We are here to walk together-in with intention, and to integrate out also.

We are reclaiming the sacred in our lives to dream a better dream for ourselves and the world as a whole.

Currently offered

In-Person & Remote (online):

1:1 afternoon ceremony (micro-dose, full dose, only I drink or we simply channel together)

1:1 4month crystal clear waters

(4 ceremonies, 4 1:1 sessions & voice notes throughout. Optional in-person journey to close at a special location)

Apply for right fit – as we move to crystal clear waters all pollution in your life and dilution of your inner being will arise to dissolve and disperse.

In-Person Only:

1:1 night-long ceremony

(10 day prep + 10 day integration)

Intimate group night-long ceremony
– set with a group intention, for private group bookings see below
(no more than 5 per medicine guide)

Private group ceremony
(available to book on request)

Virtual ceremony with Hannah was just as powerful as any ceremony I’ve ever sat in. Naturally the physical effects of ayahuasca are minimal to nonexistent, but it quickly became clear to me how powerful the medicine truly is. The music is the medicine and Hannah brings it through so clearly. The healing I’ve received has been amazing. And Hannah’s devotion to the medicine, walking rightly, or living well as she describes it, is rare. She’s the first person and one of very few people that I recommend others to when they ask me about ayahuasca. Virtual or in person. I’m very grateful for Hannah and her work.

– Ross Sullivan

“It was absolutely perfect. I feel so aligned, so clear and a lot came through all night long… thank you again for holding such a beautifully fluid yet solid space. I feel more me, I know theres more work to be done but I feel at ease with it all.”

– Daniela Kravetz

What to expect…

A deeply honored and held space
(held for all genders, unless otherwise stated for a particular event)
in reverence to Mother Earth, to the medicine of life, to re-address our balance with ALL at this time.

Cleansing arrival

Intention sharing journey

– every ceremony is different and unique. Try to clear all expectations, fears and noise of others.

Sunrise closing

Circle of integration and sharing for what we wish to carry forwards

We may be instructed to work with others plants (plants chosen for your needs and the intentions worked with) and we begin with an intention sharing to open space together.

Each ceremony is personal and unique. We remain committed to the medicine and what is asks, staying open to what is meant to show up between us. This is different each and every time.

We may sit in silence or work with instruments, words, sound, song and movements to shift energy.

The invitation is to remain seated throughout to stay connected while working with the medicine. We begin with a small dose and incrementally increase to a full dose if called to it. Again this is an individual and personal journey. As much can be received and experienced through a micro-dose as a larger one.

Ceremonies may include ceremonial fire, sacred baños (healing baths), tobacco pipe ceremony, medicine drumming, and channeled sounds and song ~ dependent on the unique moment and experience.

As the sun rises or our ceremony comes full circle we close the ceremonial space and energetic field to ensure we walk away grounded, whole and in-tact. We may share closing words and experiences, and this can also take place in our integration meeting the week after, where we may again sit with herbal tea or additional plants as allies.


  • This may be different to any ceremonies you have taken part in thus far. We are entering into deep work together, the space is fully held for you to let go and, also to remain present with the medicine.
  • We are here to be in deep respect of one another, the space, the medicine and ultimately ourselves. Only show up if ready to walk on the deeper sacred path.
  • See FAQ below.

What to expect online…

“I was in ceremony with a Grandmother, that was You Hannah” – Lorraine Moir

  • Online ceremonies work in the traditional sense, where only I drink the medicine (if it is called for by the session) to channel the correct messages and healing you may need. This was historically the way medicine women and men supported healing for clients, where only they drink the medicine and then they transmit and channel the energy for you.
  • Clients report feeling the medicine, healing, and energy working through them even when not physically drinking. You may even purge and release physically. There is magic in this universe, where time and space remains a construct – proven by each of these experiences.
  • We begin by opening with sharing circle, intention setting and then working with the energy through silence, meditation, vision, sound, song, words, breath and movements.
  • We learn to become empowered through each ceremony and session, as you realise you have everything inside of you to shift energy, heal, and show up for your life.
  • The 4 month crystal clear waters journey will call to you if you feel ready to step into a new threshold of being in life. You feel ready to rise into your higher self, and release what is no longer serving you. This is a magical, deep and special journey that can feel like light-years in 4months. We meet every other week for a ceremony or 1:1 sessions and remain open in communication throughout.


Cleansing, media fasting and intention walking-in at least 1 week prior.
You decide how deeply you wish to prepare and receive.

Once initial payment has been offered, we begin our work together. I will send voice messages to support your preparation and you can also begin sharing your intentions, fears or any reservations you may have along the way to clear.

Post-Ceremony Integration

We will plan for at least one check-in, in the weeks post-ceremony. If wishing to continue working deeper together to integrate, heal and carry forwards into all aspects of life – 1:1 sessions are available for you to book at additional cost.

The invitation to send voice notes via. WhatsApp remains open for 3weeks post ceremony during integration time. After 3weeks we again close the space between us.

You are welcome to book further sessions to explore further together during integration or after,

Book another ceremony with the medicine, if ready to sit with her again, only after messages from the previous ceremony are fully integrated.

Exchange In-Person:

1:1 afternoon ceremony (2.5hrs)
– Paid in full or with $250 payment to begin prep + $200 paid at ceremony

1:1 full night ceremony


– Pay in full or $800 to begin + $800 on night of ceremony

Private group ceremony
available to book (price pp less for each additional person)

4 month crystal clear waters journey with 4x afternoon ceremony + 4 x 1:1 sessions
(Pay in full or Payment Plan available)

Every ceremony is an act of reciprocity, where at least 10% (often more) is circulated to indigenous-led initiatives.

What to bring and not to bring:

– White clothes (if available) to wear during the plant medicine ceremony.
– Warm layers in-case needed during the night.
– Flashlight
– Sarong or blanket to sit on.
– Personal water to drink.
– Any offerings for the alter.
– Fresh fruit for the morning.

Please do not bring anything that will distract you from remaining present.

Personal responsibility:

The previous or ongoing use of antidepressants, antibiotics and all other medical conditions must be announced in advance. It is best to stop all medications, including homeopathic/natural medications, (with consent from your doctor of course) at least 4 weeks before the ceremony. Any psychiatric disorders, mental problems, diabetics, heart problems, also in the past needs to be addressed to us. The use of antidepressants (SSRIs, IMAO etc) and the herbal supplement Ginko Biloba and St Johns Wort can cause interactions and unwanted side effects such as high blood pressure and headaches and must be interrupted at least 4 weeks before the ceremony. Please be sure that this is not to treat any psychiatric or medical condition and that you take full responsibility for your own health and by signing up to this you also agree to that the responsibility for your well being is all on yourself and that you do your best to keep the diet clean and follow our instructions before and after the ceremonies.


What plant medicines do you share? Why Ayahuasca?
We work with the plant medicines that are available to us in the jungle, and on our land, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Ayahuasca came to us to plant on our land, and I was guided to this path of healing with her and holding space. This was not by mental decision or choice.

I deeply honor the indigenous path, and the ancestral keepers of this medicine. In fact, much like a cosmic joke, I had so much judgement around non-indigenous led ceremonies up until the point I was asked to work with it.

Every ceremony is an act of reciprocity where money is circulated to indigenous-led initiatives.

I take great responsibility in being ushered to this path, and have made commitment for the rest of my life to honor and serve this medicine.

I also take seriously the request from the indigenous wisdom keepers we have worked with to heal my own people, and help them dream a better dream… as this in turn will support them. Ayahuasca is but one plant ally that supports this in a radical, profound and deep way.

We share her medicine with deep responsibility and respect at this time. This, along with 100s of herbal teas, medicines, flowers, roots and leaves that are available to us and speak to us to share during a particular ceremony and time of year.

Will I get the same experience if only micro-dosing?
The truth is, we do not need to take anything outside of ourselves to travel into deep healing and ceremony. You decide how far you wish to go. The less you need anything outside of yourself, the more you will also build trust within yourself, and carry these tools and awareness into all areas of life.

Plant medicines are here as our allies and teachers, they will speak to you personally for how much to consume – we are most interested in developing this relationship, and guiding you also to it.

Our modern culture had become addicted to big doses, extreme experiences, and escapism – this doesn’t necessarily lend to the deepest and most profound experiences.

Indigenous leaders at this time are sharing how the spirit of Ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, or any other plant medicine decides to not show up if not respected and met with intention. We are learning how to reconnect with the sacred in all things, and to walk with intention through this life.

Group size
We will never allow more than 5 to a medicine keeper in ceremony to ensure the space can be held, and each individual can journey within themselves without distraction, overwhelm and with safety. Reserve your space in right timing to ensure your space.

Group ceremony vs. One to One
The main differences are that within group ceremonies the energy is created and shared with the particular group of individuals who join. We hold individual intentions and also group intentions. All are committed to the preparation work, and those mentally and physically unfit will not be allowed to join until ready.

1:1’s are night-long, or in the afternoon starting from 2:30pm-5pm. These are more personalised
– this can be a deep, emotional and profound experience, to allow a space held for just you to journey. You may still be called to drink a full dose in the afternoon in which case you need to prepare a place to rest and sleep without disturbance.

Can I book a private group session?
Yes, for no more than 5 per medicine keeper. This will cost more than an pre-organised group ceremony as it is more personalised, and scheduled for your purposes. This can be a beautiful way to journey in relationship, family, with friends and loved ones with deep intention, and also to feel safe with those that you know.

Shouldn’t ceremonies and healing be offered for free? What if I cannot afford it?

Spiritually payment signifies your commitment and value to the medicine, the land, me as guide, and ultimately yourself.

Traditionally money was never exchanged for medicine and ceremonial work. However, in this modern world context money has become the signifier of value, and worth – and can often represent an initiation for how much you prepare and show up for an experience.

Also traditional healers were housed, fed and taken care of by their community. This payment allows me to take care of myself.

You may be left with your last $ and this is what you are called to give from the heart – in all likelihood you will experience the most important ceremony of your life if this is the case.

We are here to take part in cleaning the money system at this time – trusting it will flow to where it is needed most.

Money is raised from each ceremony to will support indigenous women, communities and land protectors where needed.

There are also many other ceremonies available that may be more affordable to you. I only take part in one ceremony per week and prepare and integrate fully keeping me from my other work – I do this with deep honor, love and reverence for thus experience together.

Why is the 4 month journey an increase in value?

I will be supporting you throughout this experience and we will move a lot of energy together. You get a lot more access to me and therefore we have to be an aligned fit and able to invest not only money but full intention, dedicated time, presence and attention for best outcome. I take no more than 3 clients at a time for this process.

I feel I need further support and guidance to integrate into life – what should I do?
You can book additional 1:1 sessions, inquire about other offerings I have, and also ask for suggestions for other healing modalities and practitioners I can recommend working with.

What is your intention for guiding these ceremonies?
My own intention is to support the deep healing needed at this time, for us all to show up as right allies for the Earth, one another and learn to show up where we are guided to offer our unique gifts. All hands, hearts and voices are needed at this time to make the change for the world. I am deeply honored to offer this space, and feel the deep responsibility of holding it with integrity, clear boundaries, protection and respect for all.

As a facilitator what do you specialise in?

My own specialities support people to feel free, letting go, accessing their hidden gifts and walking through initiations to set boundaries, share voice and show up for what matters.

We work with dreams, visions and extra-sensory perceptions to walk in the world as our own medicine and healing guide. I am but a wayshower and guide from my own experience. We are always learning from one another, and you are just as gifted as a unique soul on this planet.

While it is the greatest gift to sit in ceremony with the original medicine keepers, it is also not their job to heal all of us from the western world. I show up here to support some of that heavy lifting, and again honor this path in its depth of intention.

I work with bringing the deep feminine balance back into ceremony, the collective as a whole and within ourselves. This can also be explored through my research project Soul Seed Gathering, and courses at Women Change World.

What is the difference with an indigenous-led ceremony, or any other westerner-led ceremony?
To sit in an authentic, and true intention-led indigenous ceremony is one of the greatest privileges and gifts we can receive in this lifetime. Medicine men and women who have been raised with this medicine, are initiated, dedicated, and are held accountable by their community. They are the master teachers and wisest guides we may ever meet.

These master teachers may also not be accessible to us, and may not choose to work with people outside of their own communities. It is also our job to clean up our own psyches, communities and reconnect to the sacred at this time – we cannot expect indigenous people to do this work for us. We do not always have a right, and an invitation to receive their medicine, guidance and wisdom.

My own apprenticeship has included witnessing, experiencing and understanding the ways these ceremonies and plants can be abused, manipulated, distorted, made superficial, and become disconnected from their true source of power over the past 8 years. So much so, that I felt the greatest resistance to working with Ayahuasca, and perhaps this is also why I am asked to guide it.

This is the plant and messenger many people understand as signifying deeper healing, and work, and therefore offers the right invitation you may understand. Again, we do not need to take anything to access this deep work, and much of my apprenticeship has also been without anything – meeting with death, spirit, ancestors and ‘other worlds’ and navigating my way with them.

I understand the important need for boundaries, protection, support, guidance, witnessing, seeing-all, cleaning my inner house and remaining without ulterior motives. I understand the paths in and the paths out, and can guide you into the path of healing, with love and integrity.

The main question to ask for all ceremonies are

– Do you trust the person guiding it and holding the space?
The answer should come from your body and spirit, not necessarily the mind that can sometimes convince you otherwise from outside appearances and words. Trust your initial instincts always, never feel afraid to walk out last minute if something feels wrong.

– Do you believe the guide to have a backbone, to hold boundaries, and only allow others to support alongside them, to hold the space in the utmost integrity?
You may trust the main space holder to have good intentions, but do you trust all other space holders present? Unfortunately, abuse and misuse of power has taken place sometimes by the supports in ceremonies. It is my own commitment to only allow other support, and space holders I deeply trust to be there with the utmost integrity, and accountability on-going.

The ‘new-age’, so-called conscious community can be littered with spiritual bypass, avoidance, abuse and delusion…

– ‘All people have good and bad inside’. Yes, but not all are mentally fit, spiritually healthy, and ready to hold space for deep healing for others. This can muddy peoples experiences, and leave them feeling more confused and disorientated, once leaving a ceremony.

– Remaining sexually clean. Unfortunately, a large amount of sexual abuse, manipulation large and small, conscious and unconscious, with sexual energies mixed in with healing, can take place within ceremonies and healing spaces.
It is in the utmost importance that the guide is highly aware and attuned to their own sexual energy, and works with integrity to never bring that energy to others. Participants can sometimes feel like they’re falling in love with a healer. However, this is in all-likelihood the experience with themselves they are falling in love with. A guide out of integrity, or simply not in charge of their own sexual energy, can use this for their own benefit and ego.

– The guide takes full responsibility of the space they hold. This means maintaining boundaries, being unafraid to turn participants away if their not ready at this time, and having the ability to have uncomfortable conversations if necessary before the ceremony begins.

Once we begin…
you will want to feel held, supported, able to let go fully without interference, be safe and therefore, also able to experience the utmost bliss, regeneration, healing, and witness your own power rising. It is then your own responsibility for how you work with that power in the world.

For all additional questions please email

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