I’m Hannah, a researcher of the deep feminine – exploring, mapping and documenting how ancestral women’s history, animism and earth-based cultural knowledge can guide us into a better future. Looking to bridge into the new economy, governance and relationship to ourselves and all.

Storytelling shapes our world view and how we live in it.

Therefore, reclaiming stories that we’ve not been typically taught in school, shown in media and cut off from in society – yet, very much make up our shared history and world today – is vital for our flourishing future.

Alongside research, mapping and documenting, I am initiated onto the medicine path – guiding ceremony, circles and rites of passages for the past 9 years. The medicine path informs my research, and my research informs my path. It bridges it into a lived experience and is vital for deeper understanding that can be limited by only the intellectual mind.

It’s my belief that the medicine path can guide us all to become unstuck, fully participating in life, shaping our future economy, and supports better ways of relating, working, and living here on Earth.

What is the world we want to be [in]?

Join me in

“So far, this year-round deep feminine soul journey has provided me a real anchor to my most profound life goal. The container is an open and raw conversation, sometimes a more ceremonial time together, sometimes we move energy through dance, the container shape keeps changing but the reality is that there is no hiding points. Hannah is an amazing bridge that softly and with so much love supplies support and numerous new doors to open. With all the turbulences that might come, I am so happy and ready to witness who I become. This is so much needed!”

– Victoria Navarro