What is the world we want to be [in]?

Let’s create it.
Live it.
Be it.

Calling all creative visionaries & dreamers

To co-create our better future together.

Following the call to redesign, reimagine and rethink how we create, work, and live here.

While remembering, reclaiming, and resacralizing our earth-based ancestral nature.

“So far this, year around, deep feminine soul journey has provided me a real anchor to my most profound life goal. The container is an open and raw conversation, sometimes a more ceremonial time together, sometimes we move energy through dance, the container shape keeps changing but the reality is that there is no hiding points. Hannah is an amazing bridge that softly and with so much love supplies support and numerous new doors to open. With all the turbulences that might come, I am so happy and ready to witness who I become. This is so much needed!”

– Victoria Navarro


Self-Exploration & Group

(6-day self guided course available now)

(self guided or group coaching – next starts December 1st)

(Doors open February 1st)

One to One:

(remote or in-person, small groups also available)

(1 1:1 space open to start today)

“The apprenticeship path speaks for itself. I’m currently half way through and it’s been such a beautiful transformational journey that I’m already considering another full year if she’ll let me.”

– Ross Sullivan