Talks & Workshops

Current Talks:

There Is More To Our Story

The Earth and How to move with Her

Radical Non-Avoidance

Current Workshops:

The Way of Flow: working with adaptability, efficiently and excellence

Weaving Us Back Together: mental health and sense of place

Previous Talks & Workshops include:

Women’s Wisdom: the Witch, the Shaman & the Priestess

Herstory – why are we missing half of the story?

Sacred Sexuality

The Female Orgasm

Lucid Dreaming – Lucid Living

Power of Dreams

Ceremony & Ritual around the World

Ritual and Ceremony, Holding Space & the Ethics of Power (the Siddhis)

As seen at:

AY^AM Soul Seed Presentation, LA 2018

Desert Nights, The Standard Hotel, Hollywood 2018

Soul Seed Gathering, Ch1 Guatemala & Ch2 Colombia 2017, 2018

Envision Festival, Costa Rica 2016, 2017

Festival No 6, Wales UK 2015, 2016

Caribe Yoga Academy, Costa Rica 2018, 2019

Chocolate Festival, Costa Rica 2014, 2015

Festival of Consciousness, Guatemala 2014

Reverbia Camp, Burning Man, Nevada 2013

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