My Medicine Path

My apprenticeship to the medicine path began in 2013, with many guides, teachers and mentors along the way. Learning to work with the seasons and cycles of nature, to connect between dreams, astral states and ancestral memory. For 5 years I shared a weekly women’s circle, and then hosted larger gatherings through Soul Seed Gathering. Each step of the way I’ve listen to call, without knowing where this was all heading.

For most of this path, I did not claim the title of Medicine Woman or Shaman, because of the respect I have for those roles. I knew these were not roles that you chose, but that choose you (however trendy they’ve become). The responsibility of walking between worlds, between life and death, to those depths, and being of service in this way, is not to be messed with.

Then, in 2020, pregnant with my second son I experienced 2months of intense earache where no remedy (herbal or allopathic) would work. Finally, with very little sleep I asked the Universe – God – Sprit in desperation one night what I should do.

Immediately, and undeniably, Ayahuasca came through and asked me to plant her in my garden, to start micro dosing her during this pregnancy and to start holding 1:1 ceremonies for others.

The next day a friend reached out, and expressed that for some reason she felt she was meant to gift me her Ayahuasca vine. Initially, I felt profound resistance- I had previously judged people who were not from the original indigenous lineage of Ayahuasca, who served Her medicine – this was a first major ego death to accept.

As I surrendered to this path, all the pain in my ear disappeared. As soon as I resisted again the pain came back. This path became unavoidable, and therefore, I knew this was the truest thing for me to do.

It was at first challenging to fully embrace and accept this path but ultimately, my first night alone with Ayahuasca felt so incredibly familiar and grounding. I realised, I’d been working with her spirit all along and, I actually felt the most ‘sober’ and grounded I’d felt my entire life the more I drank of Her. That first night alone I made a fire and didn’t realize, until the morning, that the howler monkeys were in the trees above watching the entire night.

With Her I have felt the full permission to be myself and to hold space in the most natural way that comes through me.

Today, I rarely need to directly drink the medicine, as she works with me and through our sessions with such power, with a beautiful motherly presence and love. The light to allow all shadows to arise and disperse. Old karmas and wounds can be met and surrendered to the Earth. Vision, purpose and ancestral memory can open up. What is blocking and stuck in our path releases for the natural flow of life to move with us.

We work with song, drum, guided meditation, often the holy fire, the sacred river on this land and ultimately, with joy and a sense of peace is always felt by every client I’ve had the honor of holding space for. In person or remotely.

We step into the ceremonial space ready to be open to the experience unfolding. To realize magic and spirit is real, and is part of you and, your life already.

Thank you for visiting my space.

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