Medicine Woman

I can now recognize that I’ve been on the medicine path my whole life.

However, growing up the intellectual and ‘rational’ parts of me were rewarded and applauded. There has been a deep terror of being labeled as ‘woo’, ‘crazy’ and dismissed as irrational, by admitting that I’ve had intuitive, psychic and prophetic abilities since a child.

After shutting some of these abilities down for sometime (and finding myself deeply depressed). Holding on to the spark of a belief and curiosity in magic and life, has led me to have so many ‘unbelievable’ experiences, that my ‘rational’ and ‘logical’ mind could begin to finally take a back seat.

Gaining a deep respect of indigenous medicine paths, and then, looking to our collective deep herstories and animist ancestors, that were colonized, has helped me unearth these deeper parts within me also. My intellectual curiosity has always danced with my own magical experiences, and they have informed one another.

While my focused research of herstory coincided with my own apprenticeship on the medicine path — I would never have claimed the title of medicine woman, witch, shaman or healer, because of the deep respect of these lineages. Recognizing what they entail – to stand between life and death, to journey into the shadows and bring to light.

This was until, it became undeniable, and I had to also surrender my resistance, and experience multiple (and on-going) ego deaths, to acknowledge who I am, and have always been. To walk through the ancestral fear of being recognized in my power.

Even though many are claiming these titles today, through trends and popularly — few are journeying to the depths, to embody them safely. Mainly because we lack mentorship and accountability, as many lineages have been severed and suppressed.

It’s my deep commitment to support those on this path to journey deeper — and pass forward the guidance that I’ve also been gifted.

To walk with discernment, clarity and power, without watering down or distorting the magic, that can be unearthed, with new age language or superficial engagement. This is a dance.

Several observations are that:

  • some of the most powerful medicine women, or men, could easily be missed. They are rarely the ones on stage drawing attention to themselves.
  • this path is one of deep responsibility and daily ‘self cleaning’. People who start with good intentions can easily be warped and ‘lose their way’ with power dynamics and without shining light on their shadows. Ego deaths can lead to ego inflation.
  • many medicine people have a similar story of mine, trying to ‘reject’ or ‘resist’ their role because of what it entails. Yet, finally surrendering to the devotion and commitment of it.
  • there is a real spiritual warfare and, the path is not to allow fear to guide or blind us. Any ‘attacks’ can be initiations into our power and the cliché that ‘there is no force greater than love’ is true.
  • many deep and true lineages, bodies of knowledge and medicine ways, have been hidden and protected, while also being suppressed and undermined. We’re arriving at a time when these ways, and these peoples are emerging into the light. To weave this new earth together. There is strength in community.


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