Private Work

You can book a 1:1 private connection session with Hannah here.

Currently Open For

Private Connection Sessions are open for grounding, clarity, understanding & support in your personal journey. If you are looking for Support. Mentoring & Consulting for your work, business and creation visit Women Change World.
Each session, will be a mix or a combination of elements, according to your needs, to include:
  • Intuitive Listening and Guidance
  • Meditation, Journeying & Dreamwork
  • Energy Work
  • Ritual & Ceremony Clearing
  • Soulful Advice & Honest Questioning
The idea for each session, is to empower you with the tools to connect with yourself, journey, and to come away with clarity, while feeling energised, with support and love.
You can email before your session (, to share your needs and what you would like to work through and transform in the session. If unclear, we can establish this during the session also.


1hr Iriria – Grounding, Clarity and Focus.


1hr Tapir – Moving through obstacles & blocks. Email review + personalised resource list


2hrs Bikakra – Deep dive into your personal journey, clarity, releasing blocks, guided journey meditation. Email review + personalised resource list & 30 days of on-going support via email.


All of these sessions are aimed to be 1 time sessions with the option to continue deeper work if requested.