Introduction to Radical Non-Avoidance

A practice:
To prevent an illusion of well-being – physical, mental, emotional – before it manifests as a problem.
To watch the avoidance in our ‘doing’ day-to-day at home, in work or in social situations.
To observe what we avoid saying in relationship – with friends, family, partners and co-workers – that prevents us sharing our truth.
To navigate the traps, pitfalls and ways we may ‘fall off our path’.
To be our own teacher, healer, therapist and life-coach.

A reminder to: 
Be conscious, mindful and lucid day to day.
Fully participate in our own lives.
Be intimate with ourselves
Avoid pushing our problems down without resolve.
Focus on our self-care including mental, emotional, physical exercise and health.
Feel connected to who we are and what we want to be.
Be open to growth.

This means:
A form of radical presence
Responding rather than reacting
Standing in our truth
Moving through fears
Expanding our perspective
Deepening our compassion for self and others
Awareness of life as a daily journey of experience and teachings
Using tools such as meditation, breathing and ceremony to connect
Loving life and paying attention

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