The Deep Feminine Soul Journey

Surrender on the path that is only yours to follow this year ~ with a magical council of women.

The Deep Feminine Soul Journey is a 9-month-long container in 2022,
with monthly council calls + quarterly rites of passages.

To rise up rooted, with our feminine guiding the way.

The world is calling for us at this time.

So often we hide our true beauty, feel in lack and disconnected,
and do not trust our feminine power in a world that has limited Her.

Why now?

It is the time of the Medicine Woman, for the wild feminine to rise and guide the world again

– out of necessity as our systems crumble.

To Bring life soul and connection back into all our lives

For family, friends, and relationships to heal and raise us up.

2022 can be the year that you

  • Love your tender parts and your power
  • Unleash your gifts and stay aligned with your purpose
  • Are seen and heard for the magic you have to share
  • Step into the warrior path for ultimate joy and service

‘Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage’
– Anaïs Nin

Infinite Love, Pleasure, Magic, and Dreams come true

9 months to feel whole and held by the universe for all your potential

the most beautiful women in the world

Through group calls, ceremonies and workbooks, you will have the tools to:

  • Heal your deep feminine ancestry
  • Integrate better your feminine and masculine energies
  • Radiate your beauty
  • Live whole and connected
  • Be of service with your soul gifts

How do you know if this is for you?

  • You are feeling a lack of trust in your feminine power to guide the way 
  • You feel there’s something more to life and you want to come alive 
  • You are done people pleasing, living and loving less than you are capable 
  • You want to experience a spiritual path that’s grounded and connected to all
  • You want to grow through seasons and cycles of change and witness your power rise

The Deep Feminine Soul Journey

is a sacred container for your personal becoming

In a world that has kept women and the feminine power small, blocked and cut off from the whole

In a life where you know there is something more

In a universe of magic potential – what’s the full spectrum of our life experience when we don’t fear the depths?

Soul Becoming

JOIN a community of 12 women from around the world – we keep this container intimate to go deep and release what is not ours to carry to fly free

You Receive Access to:

9 Monthly Council Calls

we share, we dance, we cry and laugh

4 Quarterly Rites of Passage

3 together and the last alone to integrate

Access to the Community App

to share within

What to expect when you join?

  • You will have the tools to heal the wounds around comparison, competition, mistrust of the deep feminine. 
  • You will gain better relational skills and emotional intelligence to trust your intuition and your instincts 
  • You will grow and learn with a community of women who will become your soul sisters for life 
  • You will align yourself with the seasons of change to work with Nature’s and Life’s weather and protect your energy to bloom

How to know this works?

“So far, this year-round deep feminine soul journey has provided me a real anchor to my most profound life goal. The container is an open and raw conversation, sometimes a more ceremonial time together, sometimes we move energy through dance, the container shape keeps changing but the reality is that there is no hiding points. Hannah is an amazing bridge that softly and with so much love supplies support and numerous new doors to open. With all the turbulences that might come, I am so happy and ready to witness who I become. This is so much needed!” – Victoria Navarro

Read Hannah’s Story

I began an apprenticeship to the Wheel of Life in 2013 that unraveled my life and moved me onto the most magical path of adventure and beauty – a life beyond my wildest dreams.

The deeper I went into my feminine the more I healed my relationship with the masculine, and all.

I connected to an untapped power
A surrender and trust with spirit guidance
An understanding of my soul’s journey

Steeped in the research of Soul Seed Gathering – mapping the deep feminine across history and culture

I began to explore what all this meant in my life

Living between
dreams and reality
medicine and magic
beauty and strength
depth and expansion

Growing into the woman I’ve always imagined I wanted to be.

Continually learning to walk with integrity, power and leadership
Through the mistakes, obstacles and fears – a daily commitment.

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

In love with the mysteries of this life.

In 2022 join me.

You will learn how I healed my relationship to the feminine, the wild and abundant potential of life

By deepening into her power 

In ceremony 
The cycles of life
And celebration

Early Gift Price

9 months guided access – 12 month access to community app to share in our integration process

(Price will increase to $3555)

One Time Payment of $2000

(this is only $166 monthly!)

Before the price goes up!

6 Monthly Payments of $400

(this is only $345 monthly!)

Before the price goes up!