I had the pleasure of participating in the sacred feminine soul journey.  It came at the perfect time for me.  My spirit loved diving into the infinite wonders of the feminine. I loved learning more of the other goddesses of goodness that came before us.  I loved sharing in the depth of what it is to be a women and feel the support and beauty of the circle that was sharing space.  Hannah is such a divine beauty and she is living her purpose helping women to understand themselves and remove the many masks that cover our true essence.  I loved exploring myself and taking the time to honor my divinity and path I have walked and share in a safe and loving sacred space.  I highly recommend this for all women out there…

-Hillary Damato

What an incredible journey! I had the honor of being in the Puerto area for the first soul journey that Hannah held there. Wow am I grateful. The experience of getting to know powerful, inspirational women in such a sacred space is gift in itself. Not only do you learn about ancient traditions, ceremonies, cultures and medicines, we also discussed our current world. Though there are many issues and hardships, there is also so much hope. Being in this sacred space with women who are actively making changes in their lives to better the world as a whole is truly inspiring and filled me with so much faith. We have so much power as women! Though this is often over-looked and muddled in our busy, confusing societies. We can make changes that better our planet and fellow brothers and sisters! This sacred journey honestly changed the way I see myself and the world, in the most beautiful, positive way that I will cherish forever. Thank you Hannah and 4 other amazing women took this journey with me. Aho! So much love and light.

-Kacy Senger

I participated in a Sacred Feminine immersion with Hannah during a journey to Costa Rica. This was a time of deep change and intuitive calling, and Hannah’s depth of knowledge and energetic wisdom cultivated a deep sense of peace and balance within. After the immersion, I felt grounded in my own Sacred wisdom, and so inspired to explore the expansive possibilities upon returning home from my journey. Hannah’s  energy encompasses a balance of yin and yang, of internal knowing and external creativity. I feel much gratitude for receiving this offering from such a beautiful goddess.

-Mallorie Buoy

Thank you beautiful SISTER!!! thank you so much for what you are creating, for the strong support and the space you hold for other sisters to reconnect to their hearts, for your devotion, commitment… you are so inspiring. To be part of this journey with you as been a very big blessing for me, I don’t know how I would have shifted the intense energy I was going through without that supportive sacred space you created. I bow to you and looking so forward to sharing more together along the path, and sitting back in circle. Keep sharing your light and love. AHO Beautiful woman, goddess, teacher, sending much love and blessings to you. LOVE YOU

– Isabel Melody

Hannah has a aura that creates the most beautiful, safe space for women to learn and share together. The circles evoke emotions from lives already lived and each activity was weaved with wisdom that allowed me to find meaning in every moment. The space that was cultivated allowed me to dive deeper and clarify what it means to be a more conscious, supportive woman to those around me. Hannah connects you with the ancient wisdom that you have always known; her program was one of the keys in unlocking the door to my heart and reconnecting myself to what is.

– Erin Foley

Read a blog post from our October ‘Magic to Matter’ Immersion, by the wonderful Zoe on her site ‘Life Imagined Wellness’

– Zoe Rose

I first met Hannah at the yoga studio we both worked at in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We began chatting after class, and I knew immediately that she was someone with whom I could learn, change, grow and heal. We quickly got onto the topic of the six-day women’s immersion she was planning and I knew intrinsically it was something I had to be a part of.

My high hopes going into the course were met, and exceeded, after just the first day.

Hannah’s immersions are beautifully structured, without ever becoming too rigid. Hannah incorporates ancient women’s wisdom into each immersion to guide the day, but allows ample time to explore any issues that arise for the group throughout. Think of the six, three-hour sessions you’ll spend together as an opportunity to check in with yourself, with your new soul sisters and therefore, with the world. Think of it as a time in which you’ll be given the opportunity to speak your fears aloud, to vocalize things you may not have realized you’d been carrying, and to allow the tears to fall where they may.

Through Hannah’s guided meditations, creative written exercises, and ceremonial singing, paired with the simple act of sharing and holding space, I was able to go deeper within myself than I ever have before. Hannah’s six-day immersion allowed me to look at my past traumas, my triggers and my triumphs, and brought clarity to my future.

Maybe even more incredible than the immersion itself was the ripple effect that it created. Each day when I would go home, it was as if I would attract these deep, heart-opening conversations with people whom I’d only had surface relationships with to date. It seems that immersing ourselves in this type of work acts as a gateway, into a world with which many of us have lost touch; the sacred world of women, and the ancient wisdom that is stored deep within us all. And as that vital gateway continues to shine open, there’s no telling what we will continue to accomplish.

– Emma Side ( https://emmaroundtheoutside.com/ )