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A 6 Week Immersion – the Call of the Wild Feminine – Rising to Action, Creating with Passion & Living our Dreams Fully.

6 Weekly Sessions beginning 15th May.

Release of materials – to explore that week (15th May, 22nd May, 29th May, 5th June, 12th June, 19th June)

+ weekly 1:1 meeting, check-in and guidance,

For all women of all ages, who feel the strong pull to shape our better future.

Find your gifts for the world and offer them to your fullest potential.

What to expect?

This is a 6 part series, that will flow through a full cycle of understanding how to create and make reality, from our deepest dreams and sense of purpose.

Find clarity for what it is you want in life & the tools to make it happen.

Learning Sacred Tools of Ritual & Ceremony, Meditation & Accessing States of Consciousness that Empower & Guide us.

Business Practice – How to Create in Flow and Achieve Success on your own terms.

Forging Your Own Reality, Defining and Creating with Magic and Awareness.

Dreamwork, Lucid Living & Journey Travelling

Relationships, Wise Council, Discernment and Autonomy.


May 15th: Understanding the context we are in

Exploring the forgotten histories and mysteries of women.

The world of the Medicine Woman, that informs our story and empowers who we are today.

Re-addressing the Balance

Understanding how to work with Nature, the Seasons, Cycles of the Moon, our Bleeding and Life’s Changes.

Using the Medicine Wheel as our map and guide with all that we do.

Creating Clear Intentions

May 22nd: Who are we

Our Hopes and Dreams

Exploring our Gifts & Power

Self Practice – Visions, Dreams & Magic Play

Creating our own Reality

May 29th: What are our obstacles?

Working With Emotion


Sacred Sexuality

Radical Non-Avoidance

Self Practice – Orgasm, Channeling Anger and Fear

June 5th: Command Your Reality – the Power of Women

Channel Power

Hold Your Own – Owning Discernment, Holding Space

Self Practice – Energetic Self Defence, Protection, Facing Fears


June 12th: Discernment of Truth

Learn to See Clearly – to be the Seer


Listening is our Super Power

Speaking our Reality with Clarity – Every Word is a Spell

Spiritual Tools & Practice, Wisdom Council & Heart Support

June 19th: Full Circle – where have we come?

Working with the Cycles of Life, Designing our Life to Leap Forward

Learning to Ride with Change

Flow States, Trust and Allowing All to Grow

Places of Non-Judgement

You will receive weekly:

Course Materials

1:1 Connection

Community Support

Full Value = $660

Deposit: $220 to secure your space (Full-Payment required by May 8th)

All Payments are Non-Refundable.

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Online Immersion

Deposit $220, Full Value $660