[Captured by Olivia Ashton]

Hannah’s name came up multiple times in conversation before I had the pleasure of meeting her here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  “Have you been to one of her cacao ceremonies?” was the question I was most often asked and the answer was always…no.  I had never been to a women’s gathering and I had never been to a cacao ceremony.  They sounded lovely and everyone I spoke to seemed to have benefited from them, however, I had never made the effort to go.

And so I continued to hear about how amazing Hannah was and what amazing work she was doing, without having met her or attended any of her events.  In my mind she was a kind, jungle Goddess who spread love, light, and fairy dust around town, enchanting all those she met.  Then I actually met Hannah.

It was all true (ok, maybe not the fairy dust).

Not only is Hannah a kind, jungle Goddess, she is a fierce and passionate investigator.  As a result of her interest in women’s history around the world, Hannah has devoted herself to researching, understanding, and sharing women’s stories and how the past has informed our present day culture.  Through ceremonies, retreats, workshops, and classes Hannah shares the knowledge she has gained from her global travels, merging past with present to bring women together through empowerment, community, and education.

Since then I have attended more than one ceremony with Hannah and each time I find something new within myself.

Something I didn’t know needed addressing.

Something I didn’t realized needed mending.

Thank you Hannah for sharing these traditions with so many and for holding space for women to explore the depths of their own Souls.

– Nicole Hudson of Wander Freely

– Sacred Female Space, Soul Seed Gathering, & Women Change World


Raised in South Wales, wild swimming & climbing trees, Hannah began exploring the world with her first flight alone at age 6, with a curious sense of wonder she still travels with today.

Holding a BSc at the London School of Economics, & previous work experience in international documentary, research and film production.

Hannah integrates her experiences of creating, curating & launching independent businesses, events, festival line-ups and projects surrounding the empowerment, education, and consciousness-raising of the feminine, and the Earth. In most cases, her business choices have been the opposite of what she was taught in university, and contrast from her more formal-work experiences. She believes passionately in educating positive work practices, while living fulfilled, empowered and financially-supported lives. Known for her weekly women’s circles (for 5 years), & cacao ceremonies (for 3 years), that cultivate community, & offer a safe and affordable space of healing.

Hannah is a full-time researcher & creative festival director for Soul Seed Gathering . A foundation, learning & event space, bringing awareness to feminine indigenous wisdom, and facilitating cultural-exchange and knowledge-sharing, between all women who join.

Women Change World  is a multi-media support system for elevating the Earth & the feminine in Business practice & process.

Hannah is a well loved empowerment speaker & business talk leader, and available for speaking engagements internationally on topics from Herstory (the forgotten past of women), Lucid Dreaming, & Feminine Leadership.

Hannah lives in Puerto Viejo, with her soul-mate Kelly, son Cosmo, puppies Cleo & Harley and cats Sophia & Paco. Here, they are building their home in the jungle, with a recording studio, jungle bath house & an eco-creative space, to invite guests to visit & collaborate.


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