Good Money Flows

A 12 week Journey inner and outer, personal and collective, healing and practical.

August 18th New Moon – November 15th New Moon
Joining offers you submission to our private community where content will be shared prior to August 18th and during our journey.

by deposit or full payment

Join us on this full exploration of the world of money. For 12 weeks we will learn how to show up in the world to be of service, to allow for financial flow, abundance, support and with respect for all things. We are stepping into a new economic value system we get to take part in designing.


Your Financial Thriving

Allows for you to show up in life, to be of service and to become a wise custodian – choosing where money flows in your life, and in the world.

It is often those of us with the best intentions, high ideals, and great ideas that can sell ourselves short and thus block our ability to make an impact.

We can also just as easily overcompensate, feel forced to manipulate, hustle, or follow a path against our souls desire to receive an income – just to survive.

Too many personal development, coaching and spiritual money teachings surrounding money remain surface-level, lacking in real-life experience, and remain in ignorance to the great inequalities of our current systems. Without examining this, we can unconsciously perpetuate these systems and be a part of the problem.

It is not enough to say women now deserve to earn, spend, invest and save like men – we deserve to redesign how we earn, spend, invest and save, that radically shifts this system into one that supports ALL.

This ensures we can survive here on Earth and return to a great sense of balance.

This is our opportunity to design anew NOW – and feel empowered to create it, shape it, and be the driving force behind making it happen. This begins by taking note of every small thought, word, and actions we make that takes account of the whole.

for all.

Once we recognise that money…

is a story – with a long and layered novel that includes all the media, family and cultural narratives we’ve been surrounded by. Since it’s creation, it has been narrated to serve a few and elude many. Time to become the authors of our own story.

is a value system – a complied with understanding of who, what and why something or someone is worthy, and valuable. Time to take stock of our own values and let them drive the system we take part in.

is energy – and it circulates, moves, and stagnates. This energy is represented as material currency or digital numbers, and could be ANY amount, this still won’t change what feel at our core about it or ourselves as caretakers of it. We want energy to flow freely, abundantly, and let it spread between us, with compassionate confidence in its returns.

is a field of awareness – that holds all the memories of its interactions with its history, context, design, influence, power and control. We will be considered a certain way by the way we show up with it. These projections or reflections may be fair or not. We can begin to take charge, regardless, with how we shift it, and take ownership of it, not being in denial of it.

is a language – that can be learnt fluently or be muddied constantly with our fear, insecurity, lack, shame, guilt, and judgement surrounding it. Let’s put our money where our mouth is, and become loving, wise, and confident with how we speak it.

is an ambassador – for how and what we give, spend, save, invest, earn, price, sell, form an identity, discern, think, value and love. We may want to audit our choices for how that ambassador represents us.

is an understanding of reciprocity – you give me this, and I will give you this in return. What does our personal life journey, and the worlds balance sheet look like between us all, and us and the more-than-human-world?

has real world consequences – as in it is not ONLY a personal abundance mindset, infinite game, or something that just happens to us. It is something we can channel into good, ensuring we invest, purchase, and sell offerings that support ALL. We need to wake up to ALL our choices and the ways we vote and support with each $ a life-giving economy or a life-taking.

a means to control – historically, and still today, money is used to control, dictate, force, blind and coerce people, industries, politics, law and media.

AND it’s also

a game – and we can choose how we play it. We can be serious, playful, nonchalant, destructive, intelligent, wise, caring and loving with it. Time to play it well, and by our own rules.

a magnifying glass to our life – ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’. Are you generous with attention, presence, witnessing, listening, sharing, open-hearted giving of energy, and embodied wisdom?

like a river – how does it free flow or get dammed, blocked, dried up, muddied, polluted, and what do we do with the overflow and the flood?

a responsibility – doesn’t sound sexy but it can be. We are all responsible for where and how money flows through us, how this system operates is ultimately up to us – if we pay attention, remain conscious, awake and ready to learn what impact our choices make. Taking ownership is our point of power.

a belief – inherently about our own, and other worth, value and deserving. This can be full of wounds, pain, fear and insecurity – debts that can be cleared.


What do you get from this?

  • A personalised deep dive into your gifts, and soul path, narrative, and operating manual.
  • A collective overview and understanding to feel empowered in the world you live in.
  • 12 recorded lectures to watch in your own time
  • Community monthly circle – to connect, heal and love in.
  • 1:1 Support – pre-journey interview and connect and 1 deep-dive session during, with email and social media contact throughout.
  • A review of resources, with highlights, notes, takeaways and lessons. Sources of guidance, and wise people to be influenced by.


Why am I doing this?

  1. I want to be on this journey, learning, growing and showing up to be of service alongside you. This feels like unchartered territory – I haven’t come across anything like it – and therefore I know this adventure is for us to embark on! We will be in it together, mirroring, advancing and supporting one another in this experience.
  2. There is a power to ‘good people’ claiming this topic, and I am honestly tired of myself and the majority of the women I work with playing small, remaining in denial, dysfunctional, not honoring or able to truly show up because of a state of lack and discomfort in this field of money and finance.
  3. This will help me, and us all, expand into abundance that flows. It will be the training ground that prepares us to be excellent custodians, caretakers and conduits of wealth. Honoring debts, payments, goods and offerings we value, enjoying beauty, considering our impact, and being able to give well – with integrity and knowledge of how our money moves with the world.

Who is this journey for?

For those, who feel in anyway dysfunctional, in a state of lack, or hurt around money. Tired of many of the superficial narratives, and games that people (and perhaps you yourself) play with money. A yearning for a deeper understanding, and desire to truly thrive, not play small and really be able to show up and be of service in this world. If we have any privileges afforded to us – learning how to use them best to support others.

This is for you, if your truly ready to commit, make a change, and take ownership and responsibility (power) to do so. This is my personal time, resources and attention and I only want to be joined on this journey by those who are fully committed and present with their own. We are aiming to leave no stone unturned and this takes courage and the ability to face our shadows – and the collectives – to get to the other side of abundance and value shared for ALL on this Earthly plane.

You need to be willing and able to shift societies hierarchical structures, break-free from the illusions of control, face your own delusions and allow for a rebirth into crystal clear vision, voice, heart, action, emotions, and grounded steps into this future – together.

Can we take the ‘weight’, ‘burden’ and decision-power into our own hands, to make the change we wish to see happen?

Good Money Flows Journey

Each week we will explore a new realm within ourselves and outer reflection in the world.

We will unearth our hidden gifts. explore where and what we are holding back, to show up fully and be of love-filled service with all we do. Below, is subject to change in order but aimed to give an overview idea of our journey.

Week 1 Death of the Old Collective and Personal narratives – Rebirth

Week 2 Childlike curiosity, exploration and learning with playfulness  – Visions and Dreams

Week 3 Emotional Fire, shame, guilt and judgements – Sensuality and Creative Gifts

Week 4 Power Mother Queen – Owning Responsibility and Sovereignty to make aligned decisions.

Week 5 Elder Wisdom – integration lessons, receiving and giving in balance with al things.

Week 6 From the ground up – roots, resources and reserve. Knowing we are enough.

Week 7 True treasure, beauty, and joy unfolding and expressing – giving fully to receive fully

Week 8  Voice, power, – putting our money where our mouth is ‘grow up to show up’

– power of the ask. Pricing, selling, marketing and speaking our worth and standing up for ourselves.

Week 9 Wise choices, wise investments, wise savings, wise legacy.

Week 10 This greater web we are part of – Herstorical knowledge, learning and empowerment. Financial systems review to change, redesign and reimagine into our blueprint.

Week 11 Leaders of our future – in what way are we leading? 

Week 12 Good ways of giving – a life-giving economy to thrive, achieve abundance for all and live with love and harmony.

Why this work matters.

In recent modern history, women and minorities, have typically not had independent access to wealth and resources, along with the body of knowledge, language, understanding and practice how to work with it.

We want to take this a step further because we don’t want to play the game that has been played so far – that has meant power-over, control, manipulation, and growth at all costs that has led to depletion of our important Earth resources. Profit does not come first above all else. If anyone loses we all lose.

A new economy is emerging – out of necessity.

We are here to be part of its redesign.

Where the feminine leads the way

and OUR values stand at the centre.

Good investments are good for ALL.

This is not a utopian fantasy this is the reality of our failing economic system that will continue to fail if we focus on manipulation, control, coercion and smokes and mirrors to try and make it stand up.

Growth at all costs does not make sense unless it allows death and integrating lessons, through it cycles to become a wise economy.


What is my experience?

8 years ago I travelled away from my societal blueprint, and a life that felt comfortable, and began to unravel, unlearn and question all through inquiry, experimentation and action.

Previous to that, I studied Economics and Business at one of the best universities at world. The London School of Economics, gave me the insight and understanding of the economic system, that I previously assumed to be just the way it is. To learn it is a thought experiment, that is not functioning, and can and should be designed again.

This was at the beginning of the economic crash in 2008. It became clear that this system is not truly serving anyone (even those who seemingly benefit), is not functioning, and needs a radical reshaping. 

At university, I also travelled past the Occupy Movement at St Pauls in London each day, and could equally see through this lens – all these open-hearted, beautiful people who were calling out the wrongs, yet, didn’t understand how to form the solution at that time. I felt I could somehow bridge these worlds.

An activist spirit has always been with me since a young child – always wanting to understand WHY and not able to accept surface answers.

Joining an environmental action group age 10, by calling up to ask if I could take part, I fell in love with the sense of community and sense of taking an active part – rather than passive.

Trying to remain engaged and informed in work politics, to understand the layers of modern history and current world events – yet, never fully had a grasp of it through news, media and schooling. This left me feeling handicapped and not able to vision change.

Later, as I came to finish my degree, I began working in documentary research in London – what seemed like my dream job. This involved becoming so well informed with every evil human genocide, war and in-depth understanding of these horrific events. I thought this was important.

However, waking up to these immense atrocities, and the fact that there is so much more to the story that plays out in media, left me paralysed and crying everyday. I left that job depressed, broken-hearted and felt utterly hopeless. Eventually realising that there is a thing called being too well informed, especially with just destruction and suffering.

Next, I went the entirely opposite direction and dove more fully into yoga, outdoor sports and self-inquiry.

From looking at collective pain, harm and violence

to a deep journey into myself – exploring my own pain, fears, insecurities and sense of discomfort within.

This journey led to a traditional Sivananda Ashram for one month dedicated study in yoga to become a certified teacher.

This opened me into the practice of meditation for clarity, healing, and processing my thoughts and feelings intelligently, to once again connecting to my innate intuition and guidance.

Moving then to Vancouver, Canada initiated me into the world of the Goddess, moon circles, understanding of my bleeding cycles, and the unexplored feminine – I’d long had a yearning for without realising what it was.

At the same time, learning of the First Nations, in now called British Colombia, meant opening to a world of spirituality with nature – the first form of spirituality that made sense to me. Through these teachings, and wise beautiful teachers, learning about ritual, ceremony and deep-rooted earth-based knowledge opened my entire world of perception and understanding, feeling for the first time rooted, held and felt in community and place.

This led to an Apprenticeship working with the seasons, cycles, and remaining dedicated to unfolding and unravelling into flow, every week for a year – and ever since.

That year, I was also invited to the International Indigenous Gathering in Liloet, and realised  my path was to learn from these wise medicine women and indigenous female elders – and thus the feminine – rather than through the men.

This translated into my first project Sacred Female Space

where I held weekly circles (for 5years) to explore listening, speaking from the heart, and exploring ritual and ceremony to make sense in our modern world.

While personally beginning a passionate deep-dive into Herstory, the archeological record, world of mythology and understanding through the lens of the deep feminine. This began to answer questions I’d long had about who I was, and how far I/we had come from this knowing.

This slowly led to being invited and encouraged, to offer workshops, talks, and later led-immersions and journeys to share this incredibly vast bank of knowledge I was gaining.

During a year-long journey. mappin deep feminine history worldwide, Soul Seed Gathering was birthed, and felt like a bringing together of many parts of the journey I had been on.

Witnessing how I could birth a project, bring together 50women for our first gathering, conduct a research and documentary trip to learn from the local medicine women and leaders in Guatemala – with such ease, flow and success felt like an incredible achievement in our first year. 

This then birthed Women Change World, to speak about how we could conduct business differently, to live in aligned flow, with feminine intuition, and follow with action from the words we speak, and the beliefs we hold. All from my experiences putting this into practice with Soul Seed Gathering.

Throughout, this journey I explored the ideas of economy, finance and money through the different perspectives, I was learning about – to give me a very unique blend of world views, past and present.

Then, there has been a lot of personal experimentation and testing with pricing offerings, and witnessing how this alters the value and transmission shared and received. 

I knew I had high ideals, and yet still needed to get clearer with how money moved through my own life.

So 3years ago I began focusing more closely on money in my personal life

– reading as many self-help, development and financial advice giving books and teachings as possible, sparking conversations and conducting my own research.

While receiving pieces of the puzzle for how I wanted to work, dance, and move with money, I still knew there was more to complete the picture.

I first led a ‘Money Matters’ workshop in late 2018, connecting the relationship and healing with money through the chakras as doorways of perception and understanding.

Then began a humbling journey in 2019 (be careful what you teach!) to learn many more lessons about money including:

managing, negotiating, understanding fair exchanges, not being taken advantage of, making wise choices, clarity in contracts, budgeting, trust, using voice and standing up for myself, facing fears and intimidation, giving wisely – and learning how easily giving can become dysfunctional first-hand, the power dynamics involved with money, debt – with people and the bank, and how to navigate wise banking and conversations, preparing to receive large investments responsibly and applying for grants for Soul Seed Gathering as a non-profit.

And ultimately, ways to rise-together, open-hearted, compassionate, vulnerable and honest, strong, with clear-vision, action following words and intention, responsibly understanding investments and the impact of our money choices…

to continually cleaning, clearing and find clarity with influences, and personal shadows

to find the courage to create and vision a new future for money with all.


Organisations/ Speakers

Naomi Klein – The Leap


Fran Boait – Positive Money

Ann Pettifor – Green New Deal

Gee – Ulex Project

Riane Eisler

Kate Raworth – Doughnut Economics


Global Academy Media – Regenerative Economy



Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – John Perkins

Sacred Economics – Charles Eisenstein

The Shock Doctrine, No Logo, This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein

The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics – Riane Eisler


Social Startup Success – Kathleen Kelly Janus

This Is Marketing – Seth Godin

Freakonomics – S D Levitt and S J Dubner


Macroeconomics – N G Mankiw 

Microeconomics – D Acemoglu, D I Laibson and J A List

+ many more

Spiritual/ Self-Help/ Personal Development

Unleashing the Soul Of Money and The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist

Sacred Success – Barbara Stanny

Busting Loose From the Money Game – Robert Scheinfeld

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! – Denise Duffield-Thomas

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T Kiyosaki

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi

The Latte Factor: Why You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Live Rich – David Bach and John David Mann

Websites/Courses/Podcasts/Magazines/ Documentaries

To Be Magnetic Opulence course, Pathway courses and Expanded Podcast – Lacy Philips

Tim Ferriss Show (podcast)

Marie Forleo (youtube, blog)

For The Love Of Money (podcast) – Chris Harder

The Economist (magazine)

Dirty Money (Netflix)

Banking on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency resources


Sliding Scale $333- $3333
(payment plans available)

Step 1 Tune into what feels right to give

Step 2 Trust that intuition and decision

Step 3 Remove all shame, fear, and judgement around the decision

Step 4 Give with full heart, love and a sense of joy. Make your payment a full commitment to participate and show up fully.

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