The Deeper Current Podcast

Presented to you by For Women Who Want To Change The World.
Hosted by Hannah Ruth Dyson.

A new podcast exploring the deeper current of life, to work in flow, with purpose and soul. To follow-through on dreams to completion. Hannah shares the ins-and-outs of living in the current, with ease, courage and integrity to work as whole.

Topics Discussed:

– Welcome to the Deeper Current Podcast. Introducing…

– Excellence vs. Perfection

– Baring the process before perfection

– Origins of Women Change World & Soul Seed Gathering

– Working in Flow vs. overworking

– Showing up to be our best selves, for the change we wish to see

– Dysfunctional Conditioning

– Working with money

– Letting go of people pleasing

– A different idea of feminine

– Working with momentum

– Forever changed in Colombia

– The true Medicine Women

– Working as a white woman

– Conditioning of western society

– Doing and Rest

– Earning for true substance & our gifts

– You are already free, powerful & influential. Money as an ally.

– A 2nd podcast announcement

– Learn about the Apprenticeship

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