Soul Seed House

Welcome to the Soul Seed Research and Media House. An online community gathering space to house a growing movement of women. Together, we are bringing the deep feminine perspective to historical significance and cultural relevance. This is a place for us to restore and reclaim balance by solely focusing on the feminine and indigenous, earth-based viewpoints. We are a private members space, inspired by the request for us to protect the indigenous women’s wisdom and knowledge that has been shared with us.

You are supporting:

– Building of women’s wisdom library: protection of knowledge, culture & tradition

– Independence: for us stay in integrity and in-alignment with mission

As a Resident you receive:

Each month – An in-depth interview with academic expert, writer, researcher and/or speaker – Guest Editor & Theme for integration – Her story, Travel & Educational Topic Guides – An audio guide – Guided meditation – Original music, mixtapes, playlists and artwork from our incredible creative community to draw inspiration from

Each quarter – An interview with a medicine woman and/or indigenous female leader – Masterclass with Soul Seed CEO Hannah Ruth Dyson – Articles, original research and documentary footage

An online members space sharing…

– Inside the world of our gatherings, with talks, workshops and behind-the-scenes of creating our events and working with local women

– Our research house: all secondary materials gathered, & primary interviews, wisdoms and talks gathered personally.

– Creative contributions with original music, mixes, artwork, film and movement practices.

– Opportunity for you to contribute and have your work showcased as part of this community. – Support for cultural travel, sacred seeking, activism, creating circles & building your own local community.

Are you one of our RESIDENTS?
This membership is for you if you are:

1. Are a traveler seeking to learn from deep female wisdom

2. Are a student, anthropologist or women´s researcher eager to learn about the female indigenous perspective with integrity

3. An female empowerment leader and  care about the rise of the feminine rooted in our deep her story

4. An activist for earth care and cultural preservation and want to look to the leaders – indigenous women worldwide

Become a RESIDENT:

Monthly | $33

6 months | $166

1 year subscription | $288

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Soul Seed House Resident

Join US as we map women’s wisdom traditions, across the world. Providing a stronger sense of who we are, where we have come from, and where we can go next.

Many indigenous women do not want their image to be shared openly on the internet, but they still have a message they wish to share with women across the world. We are preserving and sharing their stories here. 
We invite you to join in our community, learn from all of our incredible creative contributors and support this important work to gather, map and protect women’s wisdom worldwide. 
We seek to show that there is not a hierarchy of ways of living, or experiencing knowledge. There are multiple ways of looking at the world. 
Therefore, all content creation by community members includes the feminine, female, femme, women, womxns and; non-binary perspective in mind. 
In this safe space, we also consider where the masculine balance is tipped within us, how patriarchy works through us, and how influenced we are by the current imbalance in our culture and society. 
Academia is a historical power structure that has typically undermined, undervalued and not given credit to indigenous philosophy, and especially excluded the feminine perspective. 
We seek to create inter-connections with academic subjects such as anthropology, archeology philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, ecology and women’s studies. To offer support and insight, as a research institute engaged with independent field work.