Critique or Create

It is easy to ‘play it safe’, sit back, and critique what everyone else is doing. However, deep down we know creating and putting ourselves ‘out there’ leads to the greatest fulfilment.

Here, is what we can do instead of comparing, criticising or, feeling less than:


We need more good things, even if it’s like our good thing or better than our thing



If we perceive something to be wrong, channel that into making something better



ourself by what we love so much, that we have little-to-no time to judge others



our craft, spend time with it, help grow and nurture it



with likeminded creators (perhaps with a person we’re comparing ourself to, judging or someone we think is better). So we + them, can learn how to do better



the game, don’t feel defined by the way things are already structured, designed or already being done. Realise we can direct life differently



from our unique heart, experience, dreams and infinite potential