Women Change World

womenchangeworld.com is coming shortly!

A site to re-mind, restore & realign us back to our natural rhythms & cycles for work & creating.

Where each choice we make & step we take, becomes the greater change in the world.

Where (wo)manifestation becomes easy as we trust deeper into our journey unfolding.

Listen to the Podcast & Talk Series – for how to create, live or work ethically, with joy, hilarity & moving through growing pains together.

Launching shortly…

Signature Courses

  • Mapping
  • Clarity + Focus

Deep Dives

  • Herstory
  • Business, Marketing, Economic Systems: How to operate with it
  • Healing our feminine / masculine balance

-All of our courses will remain affordable for you to access at any time, the 1:1 Support, Consulting or Mentoring is available if you are looking to dive deeper with focused attention.

Personalised 1:1 Support (with access to online courses)

  • 1 Hour Personal Championing, Clearing and Support:  – we deep dive into your personal world & explore in as many ways possible what is blocking, or making you feel stuck & unable to flow. Hint- this may just be a change in perspective. Advice is kind and clear cut. You will leave with a personal review & access to 1 course on the site that makes the most sense for you.


  • 1 Month Complete Business Consulting:  Looking to your business to help navigate blocks, ways in which you feel stuck, to find flow & supportive collaboration to reach your potential. Mapping to support you in thriving & witnessing the greater journey you are on & where you are going. Pointing out opportunities and channels to move into. We offer access to you to any online courses during that time, that align.



  • 1 Year-Long Mentoring: Year-long support, championing, guiding and nurturing for you to grow with all the tools you need. Monthly calls, on-going email and messaging check-in. Weekly insights and personal reviews. Access to all online courses when applicable.


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