Women Change World

womenchangeworld.com is coming shortly!

A site to re-mind, restore and realign us back to our natural rhythms & cycles for work and creating.

Where each choice we make and step we take, becomes the greater change in the world.

Where (wo)manifestation becomes easy as we trust deeper into our journey unfolding.

Listen to the Podcast & Talk Series – for how to create, live or work ethically, with joy, hilarity & moving through growing pains together.

Launching shortly…

Signature Courses

  • Mapping
  • Clarity + Focus

Deep Dives

  • Herstory
  • Business, Marketing, Economic Systems: How to operate with it
  • Healing our feminine / masculine balance

-All of our courses will remain affordable for you to access at any time, the 1:1 Support, Consulting or Mentoring is available if you are looking to dive deeper with focused attention.

Personalised 1:1 Support (with access to online courses)

  • 1 Hour Personal Championing, Clearing and Support:  – we deep dive into your personal world & explore in as many ways possible what is blocking, or making you feel stuck & unable to flow. Hint- this may just be a change in perspective. Advice is kind and clear cut. You will leave with a personal review & access to 1 course on the site that makes the most sense for you.
  • 1 Month Complete Business Consulting:  Looking to your business to help navigate blocks, ways in which you feel stuck, to find flow & supportive collaboration to reach your potential. Mapping to support you in thriving & witnessing the greater journey you are on & where you are going. Pointing out opportunities and channels to move into. We offer access to you to any online courses during that time, that align.
  • 1 Year-Long Mentoring: Year-long support, championing, guiding and nurturing for you to grow with all the tools you need. Monthly calls, on-going email and messaging check-in. Weekly insights and personal reviews. Access to all online courses when applicable.


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