Jo Bell-Cummings

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Jo Bell-Cummings of The Healing Essence, to our Wild About Women section this week! Jo and I first connected through Instagram, before Jo took part in our Online 6 day Sacred Female Soul Journey – ‘Journey’s Not Yet Made’ chapter, back in January.

Jo is a Flower Essence Therapist, Sister Circle Facilitator and Wellness Mentor.

She is a huge believer in the powers of the sisterhood and holds regular Circles for women to come together to connect, love and support one another. She loves nothing more than supporting, guiding and inspiring women to achieve emotional freedom by using Flower Essence Therapy and lifestyle choices to build a solid foundation for personal growth.

Hi sister, thank you so much for joining us!

Can you share how you practice connection to:

other women?

I am so grateful for the incredible and diverse range of women in my life – having a tribe of women by my side has made the journey through life so much easier. In my younger years I yearned for the sisterhood… life was very lonely without it. My life now feels so much fuller with my sisters by my side.

I connect constantly with the many gorgeous women in my life… whether it be sharing pots of tea at one another’s homes or meeting in the park to share our stories. Simply showing up and being present for them is important to me… this is often as simple as sending a love-filled message via social media, phone or email. Technology today makes connecting so much easier, and I am so super grateful for this.

I am fortunate enough to have a very beautiful connection with my own sister and she helps me navigate my way through life. I also share soul connections with a core group of sisters who live thousands of kilometres away from me, and we connect frequently via Skype circles. In these circles we hold the space for one another to share and our conversations are filled with wisdom, laughter, tears and always goosebumps! (You know the little messages from spirit letting you know that you are exactly where you need to be?!)

My favourite way to connect with women is during circles – there is something so magical about sharing this sacred space together and I am always humbled by the pure alchemy that takes place whilst sitting around flickering candles.

nature/ the wild?

From my kitchen window I overlook our rambling garden and out onto the ocean… this view keeps me connected to the nature that surrounds me.

I also make sure I spend time each and every day in my garden to simply be present. To notice the sounds around me, the breeze, the scents and the earth beneath my feet is pure medicine for my soul.

I love to spend time along our wild coastline, clambering over rocks with the wind in my hair and watching the waves crashing against the shoreline.

I also really love spending time outside at night in the garden…. allowing my mind to wander and dream, whilst enjoying the scents and the night sky with the stars twinkling above.

your own feminine spirit?

My connection to my own feminine spirit is something that I have always felt very strongly. I love the dance of a combination of tai chi and gentle yoga and also the grace that comes with gliding through the ocean. These practices always help me to feel connected to the divine feminine that resides within.

I use flower essences and sacred oils which are part of my daily rituals… these practices seem to tap into an ancient part of me that I can’t quite explain in words.

Little things like always having flowers in my home, listening to beautiful music (Sheila Chandra is an absolute favourite of mine) wearing my hair long, practising love, kindness and compassion…. taking time to tune in, and honour the inner wisdom and guidance coming from within are all really lovely ways that help to keep me connected to my feminine essence.

the masculine?

I connect to the masculine daily through the structure and routine of life and raising my family and running my business… I am a big list maker and I find that these little tools help me to work well. When I don’t have these structures and foundations in place I find that I achieve very little. Knowing where I am at helps me function in a positive way and in turn, I can create more space for welcoming the flow and more magic into my life.

Can you share your tools, practices and what it means for you to:

find presence in the moment?

Finding presence in the moment is something I love and my life feels very out of alignment when this isn’t a consistent part of my days. I crave silence and stillness and the insights that come from this space. I find being outside in nature a really lovely place that enables me to find the quiet within that my spirit craves in this busy life that we all lead.

meditate with the senses?

Meditation with the senses happens organically for me when I am sitting on the beach, in that gorgeous space of nothingness. I also find that when I spend quiet time just sitting in the garden, taking note of what is going on around me… the sounds, the colours and noticing the leaves falling from the trees is a really lovely way of meditating with the senses. I find also there is a meditation that naturally takes place with the daily household requirements that I have done a thousand times before – dishes, hanging washing, sweeping. There is a peacefulness that resides in those simple tasks.

Listen with intention?

Listening with intention is a huge foundation for the beautiful circles that I hold and I find that this active listening overflows into my daily life.

Initially I found this tricky…. There is always so much to share and to say, but to really give someone the space and the time for them to speak their truth with my full attention is such a gift, and perhaps something they wouldn’t receive elsewhere.

I find that by focussing on being very present and on my breath is always really helpful when I am holding the space for another to speak and share their stories.

to participate in life?

Raising a family keeps my life full but other than that, my life is very simple and quiet and I like it this way. I now only participate in something if I feel that it serves my heart and soul.

For many years I wasted my energy in situations that didn’t serve me and this is something I do not create space for in my world anymore. I guess over the years I have learned to say no to things that don’t feel like they are aligned with my best intentions. My family, my sisters and the women I work with deserve the best of me and I can’t afford to waste my precious energy… I really don’t believe any of us can to be honest.

Participating in life with purpose to me means to spend time doing things that align with my soul…. For me this means spending time with my beautiful family, or the women in my life, or being outside in my garden.

celebrate as women?

I am passionate about women coming together to share their hearts and wisdom and create a space for incredible self-understanding and transformation. These are the things that make my heart sing!

I really believe in the power of women and it is so wonderful to be witnessing the global rise of the sisterhood.

Shared conversation, connection, laughter and love are elixirs for our souls as women.

Raise one another higher?

I believe we can raise one another higher by simply being truly present for each other.

Working through my ‘stuff’ and operating through the heart space rather than the head. Holding the space for one another… Seeing one another as equals, rather than anything else. By practising integrity, honesty, and authenticity….. by being brave and courageously speaking my truth… by honouring the little voice and the feelings within all lead to self understanding in a really big way.

I believe that we can raise one another higher by practising love and finding ways to align with our divine feminine essence. Simply knowing ourselves is a huge part of the healing and from this space we can better support one another to RISE!!!

We are all in this together – all walking the same path and it simply makes sense to be there and support one another throughout this journey and continue to uplift, support and cheer one another on. It need not be any other way.

Can you share how you set intentions for yourself and others to:

hold space for open conversation?

I believe that people need to feel safe in order to open up their hearts and share, so for me, it is about fostering connections and trust. Being truly present and aware when in this space is so important too. So many women do not feel at all ‘seen’, and this leads to all sorts of imbalances in the body, mind and soul. I believe it is so important to feel truly heard when you are courageously speaking your truth.

Listening with your whole being and opening up your heart… tapping into the wise inner knowing within, and hearing the messages and truths behind the words that are being spoken is something very important that I have learned along the way.

integrate wisdom and practice guidance?

I am a big believer in creating space for solitude and silence to allow the inner wisdom and guidance to flow through…. Journaling is a wonderful practice for allowing wisdom to flow, as is of course, meditation or simply taking time to have some personal space. Simple daily practices are potentially beautiful opportunities for this. It is all about creating the space – making time to be with yourself.

incite radical self-love?

Connecting with sisters of my heart is a beautiful act of self-care…. I always feel so wonderful after spending time with them.

Reminding myself that I am enough…. being the person and the support that I need for myself, rather than seeking it from anywhere else.

Listening to, and honouring my inner self, setting healthy boundaries… saying ‘no’ when things don’t feel like they are in alignment with me are all ways that I incite self-love.

Nourishing my body with whole foods, journaling…. Giving myself permission to just ‘be’…. taking long baths with essential oils, flower essences and rose petals are ways that I refill my own cup.

empower confidence + passion for living?

I believe that when you find your tribe, empowering confidence and passion for living comes so naturally. Having your sisters there for you, with every step of the way… to celebrate you and to pick you up when you fall is so very important.

Knowing that we are all in this together is empowering in itself.

My own tribe of sisters encourage me… each in their own way the women in my life gently push me to take steps that otherwise I may be too nervous to take. They help to bring out the best in me, and they hold me accountable because they know my heart’s desires and they want to support me in reaching my goals and my full potential.

There is SO much strength in the sisterhood!

Bringing in daily practices that create space for connection to my inner wisdom – it may be through yoga, gentle walks or journaling…..

Again, for me it is all about listening to the wisdom that comes from within.. and trusting that we are so very supported. The Universe has always got our back.

foster support, be co-creative, build community?

Creating a safe place for community to come together and open up and connect is pure magic and something I love more than anything!

Co-creating magic with one another is an incredible gift in itself for community. Having honest and open-hearted conversations and speaking our truth is crucial when coming together to share and create.

Coming together in equal parts to share our gifts and our stories is wonderful and creates a beautiful space for self growth and understanding…. And from here this flows out into our relationships and then beyond into our community.

Jo empowers women to realign their lives with their hearts and become free from limiting beliefs. She holds the space for those who are ready to grow, expand and transform to live a happy, balanced, healthy and whole life.

She works with women who are feeling the push to make changes to their lives and who are ready to reclaim their happiness. Women who are feeling weighed down by stress, overwhelm, anxiety and fear. Women who have lost their connection to themselves and to their sisterhood. Women whose hearts need healing and those who are ready to step into their power and embrace their inner wisdom, She works with women who are looking to make powerful transformations to their lives.

You can find her at: