Emma Knight

So happy to introduce my soul sister, inspiration and friend Emma Knight to our Wild About Women Series.
I first met Emma, dancing on a bar in Thailand, and 3 months later, bumped into her in Byron Bay, Australia. The rest is history… we carried on as travelling friends, became festival friends, eventually found yoga and the more holistic side of living, and both made a move to Vancouver, Canada to be immersed in the incredible outdoor and yoga community. Since then, we have travelled in many different directions and were fortunate to come together this past year, to collaborate and share some of our favourite things – yoga, dance and Sacred Female Space at Festival No 6 in Wales.
Emma has recently come back from a magical trip to India, learning the ancient practices of Temple dancing and forming a devotional singing band – SheLight. She is currently travelling through Europe, sharing devotional singing retreats, ‘Power in your Hands’ inversion workshops and Sacred Female offerings with circle, dance and ritual.
Find all info here and read her insightful, yummy and wonderful wisdom below…

Hi sacred soul sister! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with our Wild About Women Series.


Can you share how you practice connection to:

other women? 

I am so grateful for the internet and modern technology which helps me to stay connected with many beautiful women friends around the globe. Sometimes all it takes is a little message or a photo comment just to say, “I am thinking of you”, “you are in my heart” or “I am so grateful to have you in my life”. I like to think of my friendships as flowers that will continue to grow naturally across the seasons, but they also need watering and nourishment of light, so giving love and encouragement, lifting each other up and receiving the same in return are very important aspects to deepening intimacy. I feel most connected with women when we can be in a being space (over Skype or in person) eye to eye, sharing in sensual pleasure (nature, beauty, tea, chocolate perhaps) listening and sharing, holding space for one another with whatever life is bringing up at the time; to connect with women is to be present to the joys and pains of what is happening, to be seen and heard. To witness vulnerability with love, and also to share the vulnerable places within yourself.

nature/ the wild?

I like to sit on the earth a lot, and if I am not able to do this, I use my imagination to feel my connection with the ground and support beneath me. If I am not able to feel the sun warming my skin, I use visualisation to bring the same light inside. Spending time near trees, gazing at mountain ranges and listening to the ocean waves are medicine for my soul! I find that nature reminds me of the beauty, peace and spaciousness inside. One of my favourite daily practices is walking my dogs in Italy, just me, the breeze, the birds and their presence, noticing the details, drinking in the beautiful view. To remember my wild nature, dancing for me is the gateway! On goes some rhythmical, moving music and away my spirit flies! The body has a wisdom beyond the mind and it is so good to feel this during my daily dance practices.

your own feminine spirit?

I like to massage and caress my body daily, to feel my skin and remind myself that I am grateful to be in this body; that I am beautiful even if sometimes I don’t believe this- it’s a continual commitment to practice self love and care. I especially LOVE to massage oil all over and sink into a steaming bath with essential oils- pleasure and beauty worship are essential to nourish the feminine soul in our sometimes harsh world! Checking into how I feel, in body, heart, mind and soul daily during silent moments helps me to adapt to how my spirit is changing all the time. I like to notice what rhythms are present in nature and where the moon is at as a reflection to where I am at too. And again, dancing dancing dancing- expressing what I feel and creatively moving with my inner longings and dreams is a daily ritual. Moving in a flowing way helps me to become more comfortable with the unknown and the dynamic, unpredictable nature of the feminine and life. 

the masculine?

The masculine comes quite naturally to me; I work really well with structure and routine, organisation (sometimes too much!) but trying to eat, sleep and wake at regular times helps to set a boundary and foundation for the rest of my time to flow with greater ease. I appreciate discipline and how it actually create more freedom; this could be in the structure and form of yoga asana, playing a piano scale, reading and researching, and making sure I priorities self care and loving boundaries for my health with sleep, food and time in nature.

Can you share your tools, practices and what it means for you to:

find presence in the moment?

Coming to stillness and silence. Listening inside. I like to ask myself questions or speak within: How do I feel right now, or to say in my mind “I am here”. I find I can instantly drop into my body and the now by noticing my breath and taking conscious moments to sigh, and allow any tension to release through subtle sounds of the exhale. 

meditate with the senses?

One of my favourite meditations tools is with my eyes open. Just to really look, usually outside in nature, sitting somewhere- what sounds can I hear close by and far away, how does the air and wind feel on my skin, what can I smell, what temperature is the air coming in and out of my nose, what movements feel pleasurable in my body, and of course with taste, it can be a beautiful meditation to really savour and slowly enjoy a piece of dark chocolate or a mouthful of your favourite food. This is living yoga!

Listen with intention?

For this I like to sit in a very alert and mindful way, upright, conscious, grounded and extending up. Having the palms open in some way is a nice way to remember that listening is about holding space and receiving information from another in an open and non-judgemental way. I also like to visualize my mind as an open blue sky.

to participate in life?

I like to contemplate on my death often- what it means that I could die in any moment. This can seem intense but as one of my teachers so beautiful said: we hold the awareness of our death in our minds so that we can really live. Then I can be asking myself questions like: what do I really want to do, what brings me the most joy, how would I like to spend my final moments if they were right now, what would I say or do if I only had now.

celebrate as women?

It raises my spirits as a women when I see and celebrate other women- I find so much inspiration in my friends and women around the world, everything that they do for the people in their lives every day. Laughter is the best medicine, finding nourishment in beauty as an offering, dancing, singing, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, exploring, and doing things that make you feel free at heart together.

Can you share how you set intentions for yourself and others to:

hold space for open conversation?

I like to do some kind of embodiment practice every day and offer this in my teachings: the practices themselves then hold space for an inner conversation to happen and this in turn positively affects the conversations we have with others and life off the mat.

integrate wisdom and practice guidance?

space, silence, retreating in nature and deeply listening inside. I find journaling and sharing; putting words to inner feelings particularly helpful.

incite radical self-love?

reminding myself that I can be totally in love with myself and life RIGHT NOW. this moment, not when I do this or that, when I have achieved something, just right now, especially in the moments when I feel the most fear. During practices, self love manifests as a deep listening process to your own body, and what you feel you need- not anyone else’s truth but your own.

empower confidence + passion for living?

I think it is so valuable to practice things that lift us up and remind us of our innate power and strength. When we grown strong in our mind and bodies through dynamic physical practices, this is felt on other layers of our being: we can practice heart qualities and place them in the body which helps us to feel these qualities when we live our life. When you feel expanded in your body you can recognise this feeling again (or the lack of it) when confronted with situations or decisions in your daily life. I think it is important to ask yourself: what would I do if I knew the universe fully supported me? Be very honest and raw and vulnerable with the dreams and visions locked deep inside your heart and then practice sharing these with the world!

co-creative, build community?

working with others creatively is such an amazing gift. We all have something unique to offer and there is so much potentially to manifest incredible things when we work together. I love love love to combine skills and ideas with like minded women and support each other to grow our dreams in to a reality. I love to sit in circle with women, to share stories and moments on the journey, to remember that I am not alone and to feel like I am within a tribe. I think we all want to deeply feel at home within ourselves and with others- we are born to love and be loved!


Emma is currently travelling around Europe and beyond, sharing her passions and teaching yoga, meditation and dance whilst exploring her love of culture, beauty and the arts. Inspired by the growing feminine movement, she believes in the power of women when they come together. She is hosting women’s circles and workshops for women to feel empowered, to connect to their innate creative potential and to remember the sacredness of their bodies.